Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Budget 10/4-10/09

So far I have already aborted a mission for the week. I forgot in the moment it was my husband's birthday monday. We both had the day off so he wanted to rent a movie. I got a free movie code from redbox and I had coupons for free sandwiches from McDonalds. I got them from manager last time we went to McDonalds since they felt bad it was so hectic in there when we were eating. Some times it pays to sit down at those fast food places I guess. So we spent $5.07 on drinks and fries, not too bad. We have also made a trip to Walmart for food, $3.40 and a $9.97 thermos and some shoe polish at $4.25, total $18.37.

McDondalds $5.07
Walmart $18.37
total $23.44

$106.56 out of $130 still left for the week. I do have a few more groceries to pick up this week.

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