Friday, March 10, 2017

Profile By Sanford Reboot Reduce Easy Meals

So on my plan, being 5' I get:

25gm Protein MR x 1
15gm Protein MR x 2
10gm Protein bar or Profile chips x1
Vegetables x 4 cups
Meat x 3 oz lean, 4oz very lean
fat x 3
free x3

If I'm having a week where things are really busy, I go to the store and get:
2 bags of ready to eat salad mix
bag of coleslaw mix
California frozen steam bag veggies
2 stalks of celery
bell and sweet peppers
cheese slices
boneless, skinless chicken breast
ground turkey
almond slivers

I already have some Walden Farms, Profile, and regular salad dressing in the fridge. I also have garlic, soy sauce and ginger for Eggroll in a Bowl, along with salsa.

If you plan ahead and are able to afford some Profile products, I would suggest:
microwave soup

My food would look like the follow -

Breakfast - 25gm shake
1st snack - string cheese and celery
Lunch - salad with Profile 15gm MR, regular salad dressing
  • variations - 
    • add chopped steam veggies to soup ( I miss crackers! I like thicker, chunky soup)
    • use Profile or Walden farms dressing add cheese to salad or have cheese stick on            side
    • steam veggies instead of a salad, add cheese or cheese to side
    • almonds instead of cheese or dressing 
    • cucumber or peppers in salad
2nd snack - 10gm bar, every other day fiber drink, celery and/or cucumber if hungry
Dinner - Eggroll in a Bowl, if not shared, will make 4 dinners, almond slivers
               4oz chicken breast, steamed veggies, cheese on the side or on top of chicken or veggies
               cook bell peppers, add in cooked chicken, salsa and cheese
3rd snack - 15gm MR

Obviously you would need time to cut up the celery and other veggies, cook chicken and Eggroll in a Bowl, etc. There are chopped veggies at stores too if you are on a road trip or short on time. Just watch out for extra additives or fat. Consult with your Profile coach before eating packaged items.

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