Thursday, October 16, 2014

Thoughts and Goals

I thought I would look back at my goals I have set this year since there are less than 3 months left.

As far as debt, we have not personally acquired new debt. My husband did start his own business with debt, which helps bring in income, though not as much as if he wouldn't have lost/left his job. Since my last race in August, I have not been exercising and I never started Bikini Body Challenge, even though there is a new 90 day one. We do have our emergency fund, actually I have a few currently. Two for personal and one for the business. We are on hold till next year on paying off debt. I didn't go back to school, but work is paying for us to be certified, plus I am taking free classes through a program at work. I have also been listening to books at work, free through the local library. I have been going to church as often as I can. Things were put in place and I enjoy going to my current church, even though I still have doubt of faith. As far as volunteering with my children, I do need to do more. Last week my daughter and I helped prepare meals for the homeless, and with my Adult Sunday school group fed over 100 people, mainly children.

Here is a recap of debt:

Paid off smaller credit card debt of misc items.
Paid off student loan after graduating in 2003.
Paid 39% of our Siding, a loan taken out last year and need to have paid off by next summer to not pay interest. (Did a balance transfer since we were paying 9% interest)
Paid down on our cars and combines loans so our rate is 1.99%, hope to have 90-100% paid by end of 2015.

My weight is about 145 lb and on a 5' frame it is hard on the knees. I know I need to work on this, but I am lacking the strength since I am dealing with so many other things right now.

I can recommend some faith based books that I listened to recently that have some inspiration messages:

Thursday, October 9, 2014

10 Months


   We are now 10 months into what I hope is a two year journey of being debt free (except for the house). I often feel like giving up, but at this point I feel like there is no going back. I can't feel the same way I did in the past, putting things on credit cards and not worrying about the future.

     This journey started late last year when we were discussing me going back to school. I wanted to quit my job and start dental hygiene school in the fall of 2014. My husband felt we just couldn't do it since he was always fearing losing his job. At the end of Aug, my husband felt the pressure that there were on their way to forcing him out so he put in two weeks. They only let him work one, before he was told he was no longer needed. Funny how that day he got two post cards in the mail congratulating him for making sales and how he was such a great asset to the team. This cut our income by $50-60,000/ year. He was thinking ahead but it will be a long road to be making that salary again. Currently I am paying all the bills and praying for no emergencies. He is bringing in money, but starting a small business and putting money aside for that, at least through December.

This is very stressful. I want so bad to be out of debt, but I also don't want to sell my car. Today was picture day for my son and my daughter's was a few weeks ago. We couldn't see how this would fit into the budget or that it was important, but I still cried thinking that this isn't how I want it to be.

With my daughter being in sixth grade, and we are paying for a cellphone for her, I would like for her not to go to daycare. She starts school at 9, and I work at 8 but she could just read for that hour at school. This would save us $216 a month. The only thing is, my husband can't commit to picking her up, and there have been a lot of report too close to home of "stranger danger".

My husband did apply for some part time work, but with me working two jobs, not sure if this will work. I also worry that at my full time job, I feel overwhelmed. I am planned to be a lead on projects, that will hopefully give me a raise. I know this raise won't be life changing, but it is hard to balance with a part time job and a family.

On top of all this I can feel how high my blood pressure is at most times. I also found out today my cholesterol is higher than it should. It is hard to focus on my health and my finances at the same time.

If I can plow through this next year I know we can do it, but that is still 15 months away.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Menu Plan

Not the healthiest, but I need a plan:

Pork chops and rice
steak tacos with tortilla chips
turkey burgers and sweet potatoes
chicken salad
sticky chicken to make quesadilla
pulled pork sandwich, pickles, and chips and dip

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

New Diet? I'll Try It!

3-Day Diet Day 1 Breakfast

A while ago on Pinterest I found a 3-Day diet from Training This Body. This is also know as the Military Diet if you want to search for other sites on the internet. I thought having two jobs would make me weigh less or at least maintain because when would I have time to eat. The truth is I gained 10 pounds and I am achy and always starving. I haven't made time to workout, besides the occasional 5 min walk at lunch. I kept telling myself that I just need to get through this or that and then I can concentrate on my health. The other day my husband mentioned that I should join a gym. He usually doesn't say anything, so this is when I weighed myself to find the weight gain. They do say that lack of sleep will lead to weight gain. I have been trying to sleep but I have a hard time falling asleep.

Grapefruit spoon
I'm hoping this will at least get me down a few, if not 10 pounds and then I can work on the next 10 pounds. After that I will try to maintain. I ate my breakfast at 6:30am. I have been trying to keep busy but I'm hungry! I'm going to try my best to get through day 1. I picked today to start since I am only going to work 3 hours today, 8 hours Thursday, and 3.5 hours on Friday. I am also going to walk on my treadmill for 1.5 hours or 3 miles each day. I should be able to post on Saturday my results. And here is the ugly truth, at 5':

Starting Weight: 140 lb

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Unexpected Expenses May and June

With the end of school also brings, school fees for next school year. I am the chair of school supplies at my daughter's school, so I get her school supplies for free. My son goes to a Montessori school so we just donate a set amount, and the PTA buys supplies as the teachers request them throughout the year. My son also brought home spring pictures. These are such a scam! I sent my daughter's form back to say we don't want her picture taken, but it is harder to get my son to return things to school. Well, he got his picture taken, and they send home 5 sheets for you to buy or send back. One sheet was an assortment of key chain discs, bookmark, calendar and door hanger. My seven year old son, thinking these were cool free items, tore them off and went around finding uses for each item. He was devastated when he find out we had to pay for these things. I knew it was an honest mistake, so I told him I would pay for them this time. At the end of May I had a race with my sisters, and we split the cost of a hotel and gas. I'm thankful I was able to control myself with spending around my sisters. We went to a casino and I didn't spend a dime. For Mother's day I got my mom a garden cart with my sisters and I also paid for a cheap bible camp.
Daughter's book fee- $50
Son's supplies - $45 (check not cleared yet)
T-shirts to support a cause $45
Son's Spring pictures - $26
hotel - $20
Mother's Day - $20
bible camp - $5
June started with the kids being out of school and my husband on vacation. We saved money on daycare that week, but we had to go out of town for a graduation. We gave my niece a gift and helped her mom pay for a DJ for the party. I think it would have been more worth it if the party was more of my nieces friends, but they didn't really dance and there were only a few there. For the area we were in we got a cheap, but kinda scary hotel. The family we had there has so much going on and only one bathroom in all their house/apt that it is hard to stay with them when we visit. The rest of the vacation was budgeted for in advance. For Father's Day I also got dinner for the whole family, and I got my dad a small gift which I bought with my Shopkick points. I also promised my son two sports a year and he wanted to do flag football. I received $5 off for early registration. I found $50 flag football but heard the program is not good and it is in a rough area. The YMCA if you are not a member is $120, plus a $15 jersey! We also were having trouble with our air conditionor (wire got disconnected!) and plumbing. My husband paid for these so I'm not sure how much he spent on plumbing since he did the repair. In the future we will need to fix the hole in the wall to the basement, which turned out the problem was under the sink (Uff da!).

Graduation gift - $50
DJ - $100
Hotel - $160
Father's Day meal- $40
Flag football- $95
Air Conditioner repair - $100

I have also restructured my sinking fund for all the things the kids are involved in with school and extra activities. I planned out my next 6 months on my YNAB and everything is looking good. We were able to pay off my student loan in June and hope to have our house siding debt done by December. We are also saving money on daycare. My husband is off Monday, my sister off Tuesday, and I am able to be off during the day on Wednesday by working longer hours the other days, and making up hours here and there. It has been exhausting but I love saving money.

Upcoming expenses would be that Friday's at daycare are field trip days, so those will fluctuate. It is also 4-H fair time. My daughter will be part of a $15 challenge for shopping for clothes and will be making a fairy garden. I will use the clothing fund and the sinking fund to fund these.

Friday, May 2, 2014

April Unexpected Expenses

I have been enjoying going to the bank when my first big paycheck is direct deposited for the month. I get to go in and take out a big fistful of cash to fill all my envelopes. In April I decided I would combine my gas and my fun money. This did not work! I had the gas light come on the day before I got paid, and had no money left. I ended up filling up my tank and took out less cash for this May. I then made sure to put that money in an envelope in the safe until my gas gauge gets lower. Some other fails in April for us:
* My husband's cell phone stopped charging, so he spend $200 on a new iphone 5s and OtterBox cover ( This did not make me happy, I though $100 should have covered this, plus every time he gets a new phone Sprint seems to have a new fee to add to the plan)
*We did go out to eat, just us two at a restaurant
*I bought Dave's book for less than $14 off of I paid cash but I was over my mad money at this point.

I was so hungry this month! Stress of so many things always going on at once, crazy hours and two jobs makes me want to eat all the time, but I don't feel like cooking. I'm glad my husband has really been stepping up to cook most night.

I also keep tweaking our sinking funds, and some months we add in items. In May we budgeted $20 for each of our Mothers. In June we will only need $20 for my dad, since my husband's father passed away before he was born. I have a friend's daughters birthday party which I plan on paying for gift out of my mad money. 

I am still fighting at times with my husband, esp after the cell phone. He keeps saying he should be able to spend "his money". We still have separate bank account, but I do have the information for his account and I will look at it at times. He has a variable income each week, but we only budget for a low amount for him to pay towards debt. For the most part before we started this Dave Ramsey plan he would keep a lot of extra money in his account, even if he had a balance on a credit card. I think he is having a really problem with how low his bank account gets at times. I just try and remind him, that he should know how much he needs if he is sticking to the plan and not pulling out money or using the ATM card off budget. This month I had a balance of $.64 in my account before payday! I wasn't worried because I don't use my ATM card much and I know what money is coming and going.

We also paid for baseball picture. I thought they would only be $15, but they were $25. We also got a lot of money back since we switched insurance companies. My husband paid his car tags. I find it weird that his car is one year older but the tags cost more, but it must be a heavy car or something.

May/June we have a lot going on again: baseball games will continue and I would love to buy more training supplies, but have been resisting. I have a run at the end of May: I have bought a shirt ($10) to decorate and socks ($14) to wear, plus splitting  a hotel with my sisters ($20/each). I also want to buy t-shirts to benefit a charity (3 x$15) in May. June we will go out of town for a graduation party, and stay in a hotel, which was $114 for two nights. Baseball and going out of town is also costing my pay from my second job. The debt snowball is still going strong though, and we are ahead of my projections so far.

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