Monday, January 19, 2015

Meal Plan Subscription

Most weeks I do have somewhat of a Menu Plan put together. I try not to eat out more than once a week, but even that seems expensive, especially if I have a few trips to the vending machine during the week too. I have been thinking more about subscribing to a Menu Plan so I can have it already put together and just go shopping. I can't cook ahead more than a meal or two because our freezer is packed 95% of the time.

Here are the Menu Plan subscriptions I am thinking about:

Bikini Body Mommy
-4 12 Week Plans, one for each season, each $29.99 then $9.99/ month after getting the Monthly Subscription
- healthy meals (gluten-free, grain-free, refined sugar-free),  based on two people eating, but easy to increase for more people, nutrition information

- 12 months $58; 6 months $48; 3 months $30 for dinners
- also can add breakfast, lunch and dessert plans for additional amounts
- 16 different meal plans to choose from

Plan to Eat
-$4.95/month or $39/year
-compiles recipes from web, others who use Plan to Eat or your own
-make a grocery list that you can see on your phone and puts recipes in to a calendar

100 Days of Real Food
- 5 7 day plans, free to sign up
- healthy real food at a low cost for a family of four

- Basic service $15/ 3 months or $47/year to get a pdf of recipes each week of 4 meal plans: Classic, Paleo, Low Carb, and Daytime
- Premium service is a application online and on your phone for $12/month or $120/year that has new menu plans each week plus you can look back on past menus and add to calendar and create a shopping list.

These all seem like they would be useful, but I don't know if want to spend money every month. I did sign up for the 100 Days of Real Food. I would like to do the Bikini Body Mommy because I am having success following her Challenge. I don't think eMeals will work since I have a feeling most of the menu would be something we wouldn't eat. Plan to Eat and Saving Dinner are similar, but I like that Plan to Eat has a mobile site for my phone so I can see/check off my shopping list. From the video it sounded like Saving Dinner has an app in the works. I know my weight loss can be accelerated if I just stick to a more healthy eating plan so I'm looking for something to help me stick to it.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015


The cold weather is here! Hopeful  you a warm wherever you are reading this now.

This is the time to think of when it was so hot you said i like it better when it is cold because you can put on layers. I don't think that there are enough layers for this weather. Keep in mind this reading does not include windchill. It feels like -18 degrees.

On top of this im walking slowly due to day two of 3.0 challenge. I wanted to do 2.0 last year but never got motivated enough. Ive been so busy, im writing this post after working my two jobs from 8am to 9pm while my car is warming. They always say, if you want something done ask a busy person.

So this year my i plan to pay off more debt, get fit, and hopefully still enjoy life!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Best highlight of 2014

The best part of 2014 was paying off $24,967.96 in debt. We worked really hard, but were not able to make our goal to have half paid off.

Going to church and finding one that makes me feel at home has also been a very important part of my family in 2014. It makes me feel even more grateful for the things that I do have.

We had some great times even though we spend less money on misc unneeded items.

My daughter entered sixth grade, and her last year in her current school. My son lost his first tooth. We gained two guinea pigs. My husband changed jobs. I gained a job and new friends.

I look forward to cutting more debt in 2015 and praying for more great things to come.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Thanksgiving Meal Plan

Preparing for the Holidays, Santa is coming soon!

I hope you are defrosting your turkeys if needed because this Thursday is Thanksgiving!!!

Here is what we will be having (but I'm sure there will be even more food than this).

deviled eggs
veggies and dip
Cranberry Pecan Brie Crostinis

turkey (recipe needs prep to soak night before cooking)
mashed potatoes
green bean casserole
stuffing(from a box)


Costco dessert :0)
pumpkin cheesecake bars