Monday, March 27, 2017

Low Carb Profile By Sanford Plan

I have a plan to lower my carbs Monday thru Friday and to not track and pack in the carbs Sat and Sunday as part of an experiment to see if it helps me drop more weight.

I went through to see what Profile products have the least amount of total carbs, and here is my list:

25g Protein - creamy chicken soup : 7g total carbs,
15g Protein - refreshing strawberry kiwi drink & refreshing cranberry grape drink : 4g total carbs
                      cappuccino : 5g total carbs
10g Protein Bars - creamy Peanut Butter bars 18g total carbs

Just in Profile Products, total carbs would be 33 total carbs and add in 4 total carbs if you have the lemon iced tea fiber drink. Once you have 4 cups of veggies and your meal you can easily be over 60 carbs, and the article I found said to keep to 50 carbs. Unfortunately it didn't say net or total. 😒

At my appointment time, they did not have the creamy chicken soup so I went with the chicken and broccoli, which is 16g total carbs. I also got the refreshing cranberry grape drink, cappuccino, and lemon bars (19 total carbs). I plan on skipping the fiber drinks during the week. So total with Profile products will be 60 still. I figured 1 carb with the lemon bars won't make a difference if I do the PB bars, but maybe for the next week I will do PB. I thought about making my 25g be a 15g since those have fewer carbs, but I'm trying to stick to plan.

I didn't discuss with my coach because I wasn't sure what they would make of it, but I figure I am still sticking to the Profile plan. I see a lot on Facebook say they don't drink the fiber drink since it makes their stomach hurt.

I used Myfitnesspal to figure out carb amounts.

I plan to keep to 4 cups of veggies a day:
1 cup zucchini 4 carbs
1 cup raw cucumber 4 carbs
1 cup spinach 2 carbs
1 cup celery 3 carbs
1 cup Walmart Romaine salad blend 1 carb

Here are my dinner plans:

tomato tuna melt (2 carb meal)
dill chicken salad (2 carb meal)
 grilled turkey bacon with mushrooms, adding some Mrs Dash (depends on mush and Mrs Dash used)
chicken zoodles with salt and pepper (4 carb meal, 1 cup zucchini)

I hope to be within 10 pounds of my goal weight or 134 lbs by my appointment before Easter which I'm going to try to schedule Thursday April 13th. This gives me, as of last weigh in, 22 days to lose 8.6 lbs. This is about 3 pounds a week. Kinda a stretch but a good attempt at weight loss will make me feel better going into Easter. 🐰

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Profile by Sanford Week 10

Starting Weight: 164.20 lb
Current Weight : 142.6 lb
Total Weight loss: 21.6 lb

Week 0-1 weight: 161.8 lb (-2.4 lb)
Week 1-2 weight: 157.40 lb (-4.4 lb)
Week 2-3 weight: 155.2 lb (-.2.2 lb)
Week 3-4 weight: 154.10 lb (-1.1 lb)
Week 4-5 weight: 151 lb (-3.1 lb)
Week 5-6 weight: 149.2 lb (-1.8 lb)
Week 6-7 weight: 147 lb (-2.2 lb)
Week 7-8 weight: 146 lb (-1 lb)
Week 8-9 weight: 144 lb (-2 lb)
Week 9-10 weight: 142.6 lb (-1.4 lb)
Goal weight : 124 lb 

I'm actually happy with the weight loss this week because I weighed in the other day and I was thinking I would only lose 1 lb this week. So close to being a lb and half. My goal is one pound a week to be realistic. I can't even imagine how much I will lose when I get to the next phase which should be about forever 9 more weeks.

I was looking up 'how to lose weight on ketosis' and came across an article at Live Strong.
It says to be 30-50g of carbs a day then 2 days of 100-200. With the Profile plan there is a surprising amount of carbs in the foods. This is more of a lazy ketosis plan. With the Profile items I had today that was 47 carbs and didn't include the carbs in dinner or other vegetable.

On my next appointment I am going to make sure I get as many of the lower carb foods: 25g protein chicken noodle soup (not always in stock), 15g protein cranberry grape drink, 10g pb bars, and 15g protein cappuccino. The sour cream oats are low in carbs but they also are more expensive. The pizza's are really high! I bought two last week.

I am still stressed out and having trouble sleeping which is flowing into my exercise. Since Lent started I have missed two days of exercise. One day was yesterday. I usually have time before bed but my den meeting went late and I came home and my husband had company. By the time I remembered to exercise it was way too late.

This weekend I also have training from 8-1 where they will be serving lunch and showing how to cook outdoors since it is outdoor leader training. Not sure how I will swing not tasting anything, but I've done it before I'm sure I can do it again.

Easter is going to be the toughest. Good Friday is a baseball game, which we will probably leave from there to my sister's house. There is always so much food, and not healthy food. I plan on bringing some dishes to share, and roasted veggies to fill me up. Three and half weeks to go before than so that isn't enough time for me to be on Adapt unless I can lose 2-3lb each week going forward, a very lofty goal. Then my coach would have to approve it as well. Seems like a tall order, so I'm not going to focus too much on that this week. 

My cravings have been strong to go out to eat and get something easy. I have some days when I'm fine, but then others I seem to starve every day. Most days I try to wait until 2:30pm for my bar, but it sounds so good I've been eating it early. I'm just trying to stay strong, eating at home, and remembering I want to lose so bad. It also helps when on the Facebook group, they say they end up throwing up when they cheat. 🙊 On to week 10!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Profile by Sanford Week 9 - Halfway to Goal

I can't believe it is already week 9! 🙀 Things have really slowed down as far as weight loss. When I started, 40 lb. did not seem that much. I thought it would be about May, but being more realistic at 1 lb. weight loss would be more about August.

Starting Weight: 164.20 lb
Current Weight : 144 lb
Total Weight loss: 20.2 lb

Week 0-1 weight: 161.8 lb (-2.4 lb)
Week 1-2 weight: 157.40 lb (-4.4 lb)
Week 2-3 weight: 155.2 lb (-.2.2 lb)
Week 3-4 weight: 154.10 lb (-1.1 lb)
Week 4-5 weight: 151 lb (-3.1 lb)
Week 5-6 weight: 149.2 lb (-1.8 lb)
Week 6-7 weight: 147 lb (-2.2 lb)
Week 7-8 weight: 146 lb (-1 lb)
Week 8-9 weight: 144 lb (-2 lb)
Goal weight : 124 lb 

This last week I tried the pancakes, plain and they weren't too bad. I'm sure they will taste even better with some syrup and FF whipped cream. I also tried the turkey with pepperoni pizza and it was delicious! I also have been liking the pomegranate green tea, it is good with ice.

I would like to step up working out but I have seen two coaches who have advised to stick with the 150 min of moderate exercise a week. This week I started a 30 day thigh sliming challenge I found on pinterest. 

Saturday I went to a few stores to see if I could find a cute new outfit, something spring inspired. I just ended up feeling defeated. I went to Cato and tried on a cute light green pant in a size 8. I was able to button it up, but the pocket lining was showing, and I found distracting. Next I went to Target to try on some pink jeans and I didn't feel right in their 8s either. I ended up buying nothing. 😟. Before I started, I went out and bought a pair of size 12 jeans from JCPenny and now they are  pretty loose, my other pair of jeans is a skinny jean from Costco which is a size 8, which must have good stretch. My goal is a size 6, but I have been a size 8 for a long time, I think even the last time I was 124 lb. I wore size 8. At this time I had more free time, and was just starting to run 5k and my first half marathon.

I did find a nice bike on clearance at Target and can't wait for warmer weather. We also bought a more comfortable seat, because that can be a big deterrent to wanting to ride a bike. I hope March 20 brings Spring and no more snow!

Friday, March 10, 2017

Profile By Sanford Reboot Reduce Easy Meals

So on my plan, being 5' I get:

25gm Protein MR x 1
15gm Protein MR x 2
10gm Protein bar or Profile chips x1
Vegetables x 4 cups
Meat x 3 oz lean, 4oz very lean
fat x 3
free x3

If I'm having a week where things are really busy, I go to the store and get:
2 bags of ready to eat salad mix
bag of coleslaw mix
California frozen steam bag veggies
2 stalks of celery
bell and sweet peppers
cheese slices
boneless, skinless chicken breast
ground turkey
almond slivers

I already have some Walden Farms, Profile, and regular salad dressing in the fridge. I also have garlic, soy sauce and ginger for Eggroll in a Bowl, along with salsa.

If you plan ahead and are able to afford some Profile products, I would suggest:
microwave soup

My food would look like the follow -

Breakfast - 25gm shake
1st snack - string cheese and celery
Lunch - salad with Profile 15gm MR, regular salad dressing
  • variations - 
    • add chopped steam veggies to soup ( I miss crackers! I like thicker, chunky soup)
    • use Profile or Walden farms dressing add cheese to salad or have cheese stick on            side
    • steam veggies instead of a salad, add cheese or cheese to side
    • almonds instead of cheese or dressing 
    • cucumber or peppers in salad
2nd snack - 10gm bar, every other day fiber drink, celery and/or cucumber if hungry
Dinner - Eggroll in a Bowl, if not shared, will make 4 dinners, almond slivers
               4oz chicken breast, steamed veggies, cheese on the side or on top of chicken or veggies
               cook bell peppers, add in cooked chicken, salsa and cheese
3rd snack - 15gm MR

Obviously you would need time to cut up the celery and other veggies, cook chicken and Eggroll in a Bowl, etc. There are chopped veggies at stores too if you are on a road trip or short on time. Just watch out for extra additives or fat. Consult with your Profile coach before eating packaged items.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Profile By Sanford Week 8

For the last week I have been getting small headaches. I think I have linked them to pickles. Maybe too much sodium at once? They did't seem to affect me the first few weeks, but now I think they do.

Starting Weight: 164.20 lb
Current Weight : 146 lb
Total Weight loss: 18.2 lb

Week 0-1 weight: 161.8 lb (-2.4 lb)
Week 1-2 weight: 157.40 lb (-4.4 lb)
Week 2-3 weight: 155.2 lb (-.2.2 lb)
Week 3-4 weight: 154.10 lb (-1.1 lb)
Week 4-5 weight: 151 lb (-3.1 lb)
Week 5-6 weight: 149.2 lb (-1.8 lb)
Week 6-7 weight: 147 lb (-2.2 lb)
Week 7-8 weight: 146 lb (-1 lb)
Goal weight : 124 lb 

The last two weeks I have been exercising and I don't seem to be losing as much as when I don't exercise. I know I could be gaining muscle, but I like to see the loss on the scale since I didn't see it when I did my measurements. My pants are fitting better. I got a size 12 just before starting and those are loose but the size 10 are not.

There is a Facebook video that explains Ketosis by Nurse Cindy. I'm hoping that I have a few fat cells that are about to pop and soon.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Profile By Sanford Week 7

Mashed cauliflower with soup

I was really disappointed by my inches numbers. I would like my chest to go down but want my hips to go down the most. I would really like to be skinnier on the bottom, but I know you can't necessarily control where your body takes fat from. I set a goal with my coach to exercise at least 4 times a week, and to try to get 150 min of exercise. It wasn't a busy week so I have been exercising every day and exceeded the time. Now to share my stats:

Starting Weight: 164.20 lb
Current Weight : 147 lb
Total Weight loss: 17.2 lb

Week 0-1 weight: 161.8 lb (-2.4 lb)
Week 1-2 weight: 157.40 lb (-4.4 lb)
Week 2-3 weight: 155.2 lb (-.2.2 lb)
Week 3-4 weight: 154.10 lb (-1.1 lb)
Week 4-5 weight: 151 lb (-3.1 lb)
Week 5-6 weight: 149.2 lb (-1.8 lb)
Week 6-7 weight: 147 lb (-2.2 lb)
Goal weight : 124 lb 

I see my coach tonight....getting closer to goal which might mean I change to the next phase soon.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Profile by Sanford 44 Days In Measurements

       I really thought my measurements would have gone down more since I have lost so much weight, but I haven't been exercising very much. This week my coach and I set a goal to exercise 4 times this next week to equal 150 min of exercise. I planned to do walking on the treadmill. Based on my measurements I think I need to work on my arms and thighs as well. I'm going to set a goal to do each of these twice a week as well:

I also didn't overspend this week, which is good. I figured so far food has cost $542.82, which is about $77.55/week or $10.64/day. This does not include all the cost of veggies and protein because I have a family of 4 who aren't on the plan. This is purely Profile food. I did try some more expensive items too: pizza $3.99, chips $1.59, Fiesta pasta $15.67/box. These prices reflect the 20% discount I get. I also get $.50 off for bringing my bag and I have a punch card for a free item when I buy certain products. I have already filled up one punch card, and I am on my second. Some people find it expensive but so far I am happy with my results and have find items I love.