Monday, January 16, 2017

Bikini Body Mommy 6.0 Fit Test Today

I'm going to try to do the 90 Day 6.0 Challenge since I no longer go to the gym. I really love her workouts.

Website - Bikini Body Mommy
YouTube - Bikini Body Mommy 6.0

My stats, kinda sad -

Speed squats - 46
Push Up on Knees - 16
Mt Climbers - 88
Static Lunge Right - 21
Static Lunge Left - 24
High Knees - 90
Tricep Dips -20
Elbow Plank - 30 sec

Im exhausted and my arms feel week, legs are feeling sore already. Obviously I really need to workout.

1982 - 35 Years Ago

Being as this is my birthday month, I am going to continue with my theme of 35. 35 doesn't seem that old. If I live to be 90, which was about as old as my great-grandma when she passed, then I am only approximately 40% through my whole life, and approximately 25% of my adult life.

1982 was the year, and what a year it was:
→Pope John Paul II prays for an end to marital law in Poland.
Bryant Gumbel became the new co host of NBC's Today Show (which was the beginning of a 15 year run).
Golden Gate Bridge was closed for couple hours due to high winds.
→Jan 17 was "Cold Sunday"
Ozzy Osborne bit the head off a bat
→Jan 9 Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge was born, wife to Prince William, whose birthday is June 21.
Danny DeVito and and Rhea Perlman married. They are still together, only separating for less than a year during that time. Impressive for a celebrity marriage. side note - I recently rematch 'Cheers' and it definitely a classic, which also began in 1982.
→Find top songs of 1982 here.
Jane Fonda released a workout video.
E.T. is released.
Adobe was founded.
Trivial Pursuit was released.
Glo Worm was introduced.
1982 World's Fair opened May 1.
Johnny Gosch disappeared.

Other Sources -

For more on the History of 1982 see this site.

Friday, January 13, 2017

2017 Reading List

Having 5 years left o my 'Things To Do in My 30's' Bucket List, I'm trying to be a little more organized about checking things off, which being organized is also one of my goals.

One of my items is to read 25 books. I haven't been reading lately, even though I go to the library often. In my last job, I was listening to a lot of books on tape, which was great. Lately I have not been listening or reading any books, mostly just glancing at some cookbooks or remodeling books.

I decided I needed a list of books I want to read, and I should be reading 5 a year. So here is a list of 5 I would like to read in 2017 and I will add more if I get done before the end of the year:
all links are to

*Available at my local library.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Losing It

As already stated in my To Do 35 to 40 post, I need to work on losing weight. To leave it as just a goal of losing weight would be too vague and hard to measure. I need to break it down into more manageable task.

As you can see my weight has had a steady increase in the last year. This is a graph from I quit going to the gym in August. I really did like the gym that I was going to but it was also stressful. Juggling work, kids, and then scheduling the gym was overwhelming. I had to be really on top of everything I needed to do to be able to go to the gym and showed. I never got a handle on my eating, so I wasn't really losing weight, but I now know it was helpful to not pack on the pounds. My current BMI for someone barely 5' is putting me in the obese zone.

For a time at my new job we were walking and/or even running some days. Then we got busy and the weather wouldn't co-operate, and then we didn't even try. I would say the worst part about the midwest is the weather.

So to help me with my goal I have signed up for Profile by Sanford. They have a special going on until Jan 31 that one year of coaching is $99.  This also comes with a scale, that will link to your account. I will weigh in at home whenever I want and how often I want. I will have some items that I buy from them and some that are from a set list I buy from the grocery store. This is similar to what I know of the Medifast plan. When I compared the two it seemed like Profile was going to be cheaper, plus when I go talk with my coach I can get the food I need so no need to order.

The food won't be the greatest, but I seem to do well when I have a plan but it is hard for me to stick to it. I have a friend who started on it and said she liked it, plus my doctor also said she has had many patients lose weight on this program. She said the program works because they cut your carbs to almost nothing so it really jump starts the weight loss. I started by attending a Discovery Session, where I was able to ask questions. While I was there I was able to sample a few items. I figured I have lost more than $100 in the last few years trying different diet fads I didn't stick with, so what do I have to lose. I really want to stick with this for one year to see how it goes.

Tonight I had my first meeting with a coach, and did the official sign up session. For accountability purposes I plan to set aside one day of the week where I will update on this blog progress, and notes about how it is going and how I'm feeling.

I also found another Blogger, Meggan Carter, who has already finished her year, if you need a second opinion.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

To Do 35 to 40

Things I have done from my '30 during my 30's' list, so far from 30 to 35:

5. visit Canada
8. change careers
15. pay off student loans
16. buy a Coach purse
21. make lefse on my own
26. meet/talk to someone famous
27.volunteer on a regular basis ( at least 1/wk or 3-4 times a month)

Now that I am 35 I wanted to update the list, since life has changed so much in these last 5 years. Here are some that I am keeping from the last list:

1. Lose weight, not to be in the obese category for my height and weight.
2. Have at least $10,000 saved in retirement.
3. Remodel the basement.
4. Live a more organized life. Defined as having a place for everything and knowing what I have in this not a mansion house.
5. Make a wood project for my house.

Here are the other 18:
1. Go see the American Gothic house.
2. See Niagara Falls in Canada and US.
3. Visit Seattle, Washington
4. Meet Bobbie Bones, iheart radio personality.
5. Go to drive in movie
6. Read 25 books
7. Crochet something.
8. Eat at a Michelin star restaurant
9. See a MLB game
10. Take the family to The Resorts at Paws Up or similar vacation
11. Attend a murder mystery dinner
12. See Orca's Island 
13. Be part of the studio audience on a tv show
14. Go to an audience participation movie event
15. See a broadway musical
16. Buy a smoker
17. Dogsledding in MN
18. Return to the MN Renaissance fair.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Update at 35

My last post was 6/27/2015. 555 days ago. I have wanted to blog but life has been busy. The kids are getting older. I have been getting involved in more activities. I changed companies and have to go farther to get to the office.

Yet today being my birthday, and New Year's Day observed, I have the day off. I was looking through a post about bullet journal list. One was about bucket list of things to do before a certain age of event. This made me remember I made of post I wanted to do in my 30's. So since I am now 35, I wanted to update to see where I am at on getting my list done.

Here is the last update I did.

1. lose 15lb 
I'm even farther from where I was. I was active, going to the gym and ran a few races. Now I can't seem to get a handle on fitting in exercise. I'm trying to work more on my weight. I'm thinking of trying one of those programs to help in this area.
2. get out of debt
We were out of debt all except the house. Then I got worn down and we bought a car. Then I realized time was slipping away and we needed really wanted to have more space for our kids. We need to get back on track with our budget.
3. save a 10,000 or more in 401K
I know I am almost there. I have some with an investor from rollover 401k and I am contributing at work.
4. visit somewhere south
LOL, not sure where I was thinking with this, but I haven't gone anywhere south.
5. visit Canada
I went to Canada this last October for work and it was great. I didn't get very far into Canada. I hope to go again with the family when I visit Seattle, Washington in the next year or two.
6. run a marathon
I could walk a marathon, but I don't think I can run one. I would definetly have to lose a lot of weight and hopefully my knees wouldn't give out. I was thinking last year about having 2016 be my last half marathon year, but I think I will be doing one in June.
7. graduate from college again
Since I changed careers I'm not sure if I would do this but going back to learn some new skills to help in my career.
8. change careers
I am now a Quality Analyst, which pays wells, so I am happy and love the people at work.
9. try a turducken
Maybe next thanksgiving? I think you can order them from Costco.
10. take a hot air balloon ride
Not yet, not sure if my husband would do this or not.
Have not read this yet. I might have given my copy away when I was purging my house. I might listen to it on audiobooks through the library.
12. remodel basement 
Construction will start at the end of January.
13. live a more organized life
I have started bullet journalling. I am trying so hard and got rid of a bunch of things and I am still trying to get rid of more.
14. bike in Ragbri with my dad
:0( My bike was stolen so not sure how I can get this done, unless I find a bike again.
15. pay off student loans
16. buy a Coach purse
Actually my husband got me a purse and wallet for christmas 2014.
17. own jewelry from Tiffany & Co.
I keep looking at the website. I got a knockoff necklace for free to wear and I really like it but the real one is too expensive right now.
18. have 50 Blog followers
Kinda hard when I don't blog. Need to get back at this. I did replace with see a live theater performance, I was thinking like Rent or something.
19. start golfing again
I was going to sell my clubs. I just don't have time so this probably won't get done. Things have changed in the last 5 years.
20. visit Disney World
Not yet, not planned or saved.
21. make lefse on my own
I did do this one, but only once. My sister makes her own which is better than mine.
22. learn to fillet a fish I caught
Maybe this summer. We don't fish a lot, but I have seen my dad do this many times. Also I'm sure I can find a youtube video on this too.
23. paint the rooms in my house/decorate my house
So far we have painted a bathroom and the kids rooms. Still need to work on the living areas and our bedroom and the other bathroom.
24. have a child graduate from high school
Still on track.
I don't think this was that realistic. 
26. meet/talk to someone famous
Depends on how you define famous. I have met with Gina Franssen, who was the only women black belt in jiu jitsu in the midwest. She is a great role model for girls. I started jiu jitsu in April of 2016 with my daughter.
27.volunteer on a regular basis ( at least 1/wk or 3-4 times a month)
Definitely I have been doing this. I am den leader to my son's cub scout den. I have started teach the tween/teen Sunday school since the fall of 2016. I help out at church with hosting, setting up our nativity event. I have helped lower income kids buy christmas gifts for their families. I have gone on a weeklong mission trip to help build a deck for an elderly lady in Kansas.
28. go to an event on New Years with my Husband
We have been to family parties but not an event. It is now easier to do since he has changed to a job that allows time off.
29. make something for my house with wood
When my bike was stolen, they also stole some power tools. Once we replace these I plan to make some things for the basement, like a desk or shelving.
30. go on a TV show
Not sure how I can pull this off living in the midwest, but I was thinking of being on a game show or something.
Now that I am 35 and I am 5 years into this list, I'm going to update it with some new things I would like to do in the next five year.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

4th of July Plans - Meal Planning

We will be having family in town for the 4th of July. Four adults and four kids. Friday will also be a day off for me and my husband, along with a 4th of July parade. My son will be in the parade and I'm sure my sister and her family will be here too.

snack- veggie pizza
breakfast - crockpot breakfast casserole
lunch - Sloppy Joes from Pioneer Women, deviled eggs,
dinner - watermelon, chips and dip, potato salad, bacon, pineapple, chicken kabobs
breakfast - super cinnamin rolls
lunch - brats, hotdogs, and hamburgers,
dinner - carnita tacos, with avocado, salsa