Monday, October 21, 2013

It's Been 7 Days...

I have not had pop since last Sunday night. What I really need to do is find a way to have more energy. I don't know if it's the season or my lifestyle that is draining me. A few months ago I had blood test and everything checked out fine, but maybe it's my amlodipine. Moving on... last weeks goals update:

1. No pop. 100%. I still miss pop, but I have been able to resist. I keep telling myself "You only think you want it and will regret after the first sip."

2. 8,000 steps a day. 88%, I tried really hard on Thursday to get my steps in and I could have if I went to bed later. I was marching in place while making dinner and trying to move as much as I could. My knees are really telling me I have been moving a lot, but I'm keeping up. I only missed it by 800 steps and made it up the next night.

3. Bed by 10pm. This I'm going to say 88%. I was in bed, but sometimes I was checking facebook a few times on my phone. Just one night I was up until 10:30 I think. I don't know it was an exhausting week.

4. Dishes done every night. I did great on this one, so 100% and still going strong. It does feel good to have the dishes done, plus no smelly sink when I come home.

5. Get school lunches done night before. I didn't do too good on this one. I try to get my kids to make their own lunch but sometimes they (especially my son) just ignore me.

For this week:

1. No pop.

Work and Workout Clothes ready for the week.
2. 9,000 steps a day. I think I'm really starting to stretch this because I am currently typing my walking on my treadmill to fit in my steps. I also plan to walk 20 min every morning. It will fit in about 2500 steps.

3. Bed by 10pm. I have been tired because of walking and the getting darker soon combined with kids activities. I really like my sleep and day dream about it at work.

4. Dishes done every night. It really wouldn't kill anyone else around the house to help with this one.

5. Get school lunches done night before. I should set a reminder on my phone to get this done. I need more lunch ideas, something I can eat easily at my desk and have time for a walk. I only have a half hour.

New Goal 6. Menu Plan. I have gone away from this since my husband and I decided on a set schedule. I think everyone is boded with that plus I want to see if I can trim food spending.

 Link up your goals at The Diary of a Fat Mommy. (not posted as of this post, but she just ran a half yesterday!) or Fitnasty for Life.

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