Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Christmas Shopping

This is my family's second year of drawing names for the adults and setting spending limits. My mom usually doesn't like to keep within her limits, but she spends on everyone all year long as it is. We set a $60 limit on the adults and $30 on the kids. I was lucky this year and I got my oldest sister and my mom, which aren't too hard to shop for. The men in our family have expensive taste or they don't have any idea of what they want. I have been trying to shop as I find a bargain but I have already spent too much on my own kids. Next year I need to shop for them at the last minutes because I know what they want too well, and something is added to their list every day.

So far I bought my sister a outdoor blanket/padded seat/cover up for $12 on clearance at target, and a label maker st Walmart for $18 ( I am rounding up to the nearest $). I am going to try to find her a Nike or Adidas crew neck sweatshirt and a salad spinner to finish her list. My mom has yet to let me know her list.

For the kids:
my oldest nephew (age 9) I bought a souvenir coin at the Pirate museum exhibit for $2, a lego bionicle $8 from Toys R Us, and a book to put sporting event tickets into, $12 from Amazon. Might get him a Cubs shirt or some more nerf darts.
my oldest niece (age 8) I am getting her accessories for her Easy bake oven $8 on clearance at Walmart and a kaboodle from Walmart as well.
My nephew age 4 I got Pictureka $10 at Toys R Us, a Leapster Game from Toy's R Us $15 and a book I order from Scholastic $8.
2 year old twin girls will get Snow White DVD & Blue Ray $10 from Walmart, Crayola Color Me a Song $19 at Kmart, and Fur Real Pet mini $10 at Target.

Not even Thanksgiving and I am almost done. This way I won't be wrapping at the last moment, I hope.

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