Thursday, March 4, 2010

Menu Plan Monday 30 Meals

I planned Breakfast (B), Lunch (L), and Dinner (D) for Saturday and Sunday. Lunch during the week is leftovers, microwave meal, fast food, or hot lunch. I was having a hard time making a weeks worth of menu every week in Feb so I thought I could try a whole month to see how well I follow it.
Monday 1. B: cereal D: chicken legs, green beans, cornbread
Tuesday 2. B: bagels D: hamburger helper
Wednesday 3. B: pancakes D: lasagna and garlic bread
Thursday 4. B: bacon and eggs D: potato, rocket and frittata
Friday 5. B: waffles D: chicken Caesar salad
Saturday 6. (son’s birthday ) B: casserole L: carnita taco, rice D: spaghetti
Sunday 7. B: sausage and biscuits L: chicken noodle D: pork chops rice and beans
Monday 8. B: cereal D: pizza
Tuesday 9. B: bagels D: roast, potatoes, and carrots
Wednesday 10. B: pancakes D: chicken and rice bake
Thursday 11. B: bacon and eggs D: ranchero burrito
Friday 12 . B: waffles D: lasagna and garlic bread
Saturday 13. B: French toast L: grilled cheese and tomato soup D: sweet and sour sausage
Sunday 14. B: chorizo and egg with tortilla L: hot dog, chips and fruit cups D: pork chops and green bean casserole
Monday 15. B: oatmeal D: tater tot casserole
Tuesday 16. B: toast and boiled egg D: corned beef hash
Wednesday 17. B: cereal D: sweet n sour turkey-loaf, mashed potatoes
Thursday 18. B: bagels D: grilled ham Panini and chips
Friday 19. B: biscuits and jam D: tuna burgers and broccoli
Saturday 20. B: pancakes and sausage L: chicken nuggets and fries D: lemon chicken and rice
Sunday 21. B: muffin tops (Pillsbury) L: mac and cheese D: roast potatoes and carrots
Monday 22. B: cereal D: broccoli and tortellini alfredo
Tuesday 23. B: bagels D: breakfast for dinner, eggs, bacon , toast
Wednesday 24. B: Great Day Granola D: chicken drumsticks and potatoes
Thursday 25. B: muffins D: stuffed peppers
Friday 26. B: waffles D: leftover stew
Saturday 27. B: Jiggly fruit salad L: pizza D: homemade Papa John’s pizza
Sunday 28. B: hash brown casserole L: croissant dog and corn D: pork chops, beans and rice
Monday 29. B: cereal D: lasagna roll ups and garlic toast
Tuesday 30. B: boiled eggs and toast D: skirt steak, with rice and black beans
Wednesday 31. B: cinnamon rolls D: chicken Caesar salad

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  1. very impressive! Good Job! I struggle with making a menu for just 1 week....let alone any time longer.

  2. Your menu plan sounds delicious.

    I really enjoy MPM because I'm able to get loads of recipe ideas.
    Just another reason for loving blogging.