Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Can We Fix It?

We have only had our washer since August, but we have already been receiving error codes. I would put a load in and a couple minutes later it would beep. It still got our clothes wet and spun around, but it was very annoying to have soaking wet clothes left inside. So I called and made an appointment with a local company to come check it out under warranty.  One thing that changed after we got our washer was that we also installed a water softener. We belive this made the hoses collect residue from what was inside our pipes.  He just disconnected the hose near the washer and took out the screen piece on the washer, washed and brushed off the green/white powder and reconnected. Once he cleaned this out the water came in a lot faster. He also opened up the valve more, which I'm not sure why when Lowe's installed they didn't seem to do. Lowe's also shoved the drain hose way down in the drain pipe which he said could also cause problems.  He took it out and put it in the drain pipe only a couple of inches so it would hold.  Another thing about front loader is the soap. He recommended powder which doesn't contain animal fat, which makes it smell and mildew. Also use about half what you would use normally especially with a water softener. Here is a great article with Q & A and a lot insight as to why you should use HE detergent with an HE machine:
I hope these tricks might help someone from acquiring an expensive repair bill that they could have easily fixed themselves.

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