Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Putting It All Together

Between 40+ hours at work and a hard college science class, with 2 kids and a household to run, things have been busy. Now that my husband has a new position things are going to change around here. I haven't quite got everything figured out yet but hopefully sooner than later. I hope to be home for the weekends and all but 2 evenings. So here are my plans for cleaning and grocery shopping:

morning: empty dishwasher
              start a load of clothes
nightly: wash pots and pans
            load dishwasher
            clothes to dryer
            make lunches, pack backpacks, lay out clothes
Sunday: balance checkbook,bedrooms and laundry
Monday: living, dining room, vacuum & sweep
Tuesday: main bath
Wednesday: kitchen, vacuum & sweep
Thursday: 1/2 bath
Friday: plan meals, vacuum & sweep
Saturday: grocery shopping & basement

It will be a change for my kids to get up and get to school for before care, usually we are rushing out the door to get my son to school and then I had 30 min before my daughter starts school. I'm going to have to make breakfast easy and portable. Beside cleaning and cooking, I also need to help with homework.  My son has speech flash cards and my daughter has all kinds of 2nd grade work. I figure I will do homework after dinner from 6-7 and then it will be bedtime. I hope to have a meal plan to publish for this next week and to get back into that habit. How do you streamline your busy week to fit everything in to your schedule?

I'm going to make myself a checklist and I hope this will give me motivation and encouragement to keep up with an organized routine.

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  1. sounds like a good plan. I hope it works for you.

    I really need to set up a plan.