Saturday, March 26, 2011

Menu Plan Monday 3/27-4/9

Here is my meal plan for the next two weeks.  For more menu plan ideas visit

Sun 3/27- lemon chicken
Mon 3/28- potato and sausage quesadilla
Tues 3/29- fish sticks and fries
Wed 3/30- Picadillo Chicken Paella
Thur 3/31- chicken nuggets and tater tots
Fri 4/1- Cold Mexican Pizza Bites
Sat 4/2- Maple Glazed Ham and potatoes
Sun 4/3- pork steak and baked potatoes
Mon 4/4- Islander Pork
Tues 4/5- mac and cheese
Wed 4/6- pizza made with whole wheat dough from Trader Joe's
Thur 4/7- hot dogs and fries
Fri 4/8- hamburgers, baked beans, fruit cocktails
Sat 4/9- Creamy Baked Chicken Taquitos

bonus: cute and easy dessert

Lemon chicken: was a little too lemony for me but was good
potato and sausage quesadilla: was quick and easy, a little bland, also good for breakfast and leftovers

Picadillo Chicken Paella- it wasn't a smash hit* but wasn't too hard to make, kids ate chicken
Cold Mexican Pizza Bites- I had family over when I made this it is was simple and good, i felt funny doing the beans over the over spread but it worked out, the dough got well done so watch it close when cooking
Maple Glazed Ham- I think I made this wrong because I didn't take off the outer casing and could have soaked in more of the flavors
pork steak- good, but not a smash hit*
Islander Pork- is getting bumped to sunday 4/10 due to having to marinate over night
pizza made with whole wheat dough from Trader Joe's- dough didn't cook according to directions, very dissappointing
Creamy Baked Chicken Taquitos- smash hit*, easy to make, I will try canned chicken next time just to see

*smash hit is when my husband tells me I should make this again.

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