Saturday, March 12, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

Back in the game with meal plans and looking forward to knowing what's for dinner and having food in the fridge.  The only good sales on meat this week was chicken and sausage.  Here is another two weeks of not too complicated menu's:

Sunday- glazed corned beef sandwich,  baked sweet potato fries, and pickles on the side
Monday- grilled cheese and tomato soup
Tuesday- Au gratin sausage skillet
Wednesday- crescent-wrapped drumsticks, baked beans
Thursday- mac and cheese with ham added
Friday- pizza and side salad
Saturday- key lime chicken thighs and baked potatoes
Sunday- sausage stroganoff with biscuits
Monday- pigs in a blanket with fruit
Tuesday- penne and smoked sausage
Wednesday- pretzel crusted drumsticks, and green beans
Thursday- crunchy tuna turnovers and corn
Friday- pizza and side salad
Saturday- spaghetti and garlic bread

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glazed corned beef sandwich- I never had corned beef and didn't really care for the saltiness which could be the cooks falt
 penne and smoked sausage- my husband really liked this, but I didn't think it was that great and the kids didn't like it at all, It is like homemade mac and cheese with sausage

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