Friday, June 17, 2011

Is There hope?

This week I haven't really wanted to stick with my menu plan.  I haven't been sleeping very well.  I attribute this to the longer days of summer, it just makes me uneasy for some reason.

This week for dinner we have had burgers, and scalloped potatoes, breakfast for dinner, hamburgers and mac and cheese, as well as pork ribs, pineapple, rice, with bacon.  Tonight I will see if I can make some things out of the freezer or pantry for dinner.

So far I bought bread, milk, and a package of band-aids, scrapbook stickers and pop on Wednesday, and I bought pork ribs, bacon, pineapple, grapes, and clearance buns on Thursday. Definitively a fail for sticking to the list since I really didn't make list when I went to the grocery store, but I was thinking what I was making for dinner that night.  When I bought the scrapbook stickers I was really going to buy a scrapbook album and paper, but I didn't see anything I like.  The stickers were on sale, which isn't a good excuse, but I could justify them at the time.  I would say I am doing better since I went to Gordman's, Micheal's, Office Max, World Market, Best Buy, Sports Authority, Marshall's, and Kmart and spent less than $20.  I would have spent less than $8, but then my husband called and asked for pop so I spent $5 on some at Kmart.

I'm not going to give up.  I wanted to do a bunch of buying this weekend, but I'm pushing my mind to be over it. I would like a rug for the living room since we pulled up the carpet to expose hardwood floor, and I also would like to buy at least 5-6 more curtains for the dining/living room area.  I have no decor pillows, and would also like to darken the rooms some more to keep the heat out.  It would be nice to buy a tool belt for work, and some sort of chair covers so I'm not cleaning the couches all the time.

I read in a magazine to surround yourself with things you have already bought and sort through and touch them, to stop any compulsions to shop.  I might try to sort through some things this weekend to stop myself from spending.

Do I really need anything?  Maybe toilet paper.

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