Saturday, September 10, 2011

Dont Stop Believin

So I know it's been a long time since I posted more than a meal plan, but it has been crazy.  Both my kids and myself are finally in school.  I have already had my first test even.  I just have this one course before I am on the top portion of the waiting list for the dental hygiene program. Yeah!  I'm sure I'll have a lot more time to blog after December, I just need to do it.  One of my distractions lately has been  It is such an awesome concept, I wish I would have thought of it.
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So today we went to Lowe's and built the cute police cars with working light.  In two weeks they will be having a fire truck with siren.  Afterwards we went to Kohls and picked up a Tonka toy for my son since he has been doing such a good job sleeping by himself in his bed.  I know he is four and he should have been doing this since birth, but he hasn't so it is a big milestone for us.  I might have mentioned this before but I think he has an attachment disorder of some sort.  He likes new things, but he doesn't like letting go of his old things, such as a too small pair of shoes.  The worst part about it, is he has a pretty good memory, so he doesn't forget what he had.  At the beginning of summer he remembered a shirt that he wore last summer, so it was a good thing it still fit.  I have to keep thinking of creative ways to convince him it's OK to get rid of these things. I think this ties into the fact that he has always wanted me to sleep in his bed, but then he is mad when he woke up and I was in my own bed.

Afterwards we went to Fareway and I tried to buy a lot of healthy foods.  I only ended up spending $29.52.  I also decided to go to Bed, Bath, and Beyond and buy the Eggies with my 20% coupon.  I have to still provide breakfast for my son which is worse I think than providing lunch because he isn't much of a morning eater, like myself.  I also went to Costco and spent $52.05.  They have these cute small animal pillows (knock off pillow pets) with a blanket that are really soft for about $12, so I bought one for my son and two for my nieces since their birthday is coming up and they started preschool too this year.  I still need to buy some more food for the week and tomorrow my sister and I hope to make some meals to freeze since she started and new job.  We each picked two things, and are doubling the recipes to share with each other.  I hope to keep myself in check, and hopefully I wont spend again till next weekend.

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