Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Shopping

This time of year when buying gifts, you should never pay full price.  There are coupons everywhere: mobile coupons, email coupons, coupons in the Sunday paper, bag stuffer coupons, and at the customer service centers in stores.  Just about everything that is season is going to be on sale, or on sale sometime before Christmas.  Last week I was looking at robes for myself at Target and this week they are on sale.  My sister told me about a shirt at Kohl's that her son wanted, and I signed myself up for mobile coupons.  
I would start at a stores website and sign up for their email and/or text coupons.  It really does pay to be loyal to one store so you can learn their best deals and how their system works.  I know the Younkers in our area has certain restrictions on their coupons, like it excludes cosmetics.  If you sign up for their promotions you can find out when they have their Goodwill or Community Day event and get a discount on cosmetics then.  
Some stores don't have coupons like Best Buy.  You could always use your smart phone if you have one and get the free phone app: Shopkicks ( right now use my referral code thru the link and we both earn 50 kicks).  You can earn kicks and then redeem them for a gift card.  I also earn swagbucks online to earn Amazon gift cards to purchase some of my gifts for Christmas ( use my code, I would appreciate it).  I have also found that many things that were on a good sale on Black Friday will be on sale that price again if they have them left in stock.  It may be too late for your Christmas shopping this year, but thinking ahead for next year this could save you some cold hard cash or some credit debt.

Happy Holidays!

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