Wednesday, December 7, 2011

"Those People"
So I'm trying to earn enough Swagbucks and other rewards this coming next year to buy all the present I need for birthday and Christmas. (by the way if your not signed up please use my referral link: )

I typed in "the best kept secret" and I came upon this article. It started me thinking about when I think about "Those People."  I have always wish that "Those People" would set aside their personal priorities and pay some of my bills.  That small amount, is what they wipe their behinds with, isn't it?  I mean really do they know there is a recession going on?  I'm a good person, I deserve this.  

Then reality sets in.  "Those People" have earned their money in their own rite.  They have made their choices and I have made mine.  "Those People" do not owe me, nor do I owe them (well maybe if they own a credit card company or something).  

So this week I will pay my bills and work extra hours to give my kids what they want for Christmas.  This is the choice that have made.

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