Monday, April 2, 2012

Cleaning The Murphy Closet

I was watching the original version of Cheaper By the Dozen the other night.  (I think I'm getting through Netflix too fast, I'll watch about anything these days, LOL).  When the father stops the car he asks if anyone needs to visit Mrs. Murphy, and they all say no.  I was thinking "Boy this Mrs. Murphy must be an unpleasant lady."  But then later on in their trip they all say they need to visit her, and I got the little joke.

The challenge is still is going on till April 5th.  I had three interviews, two dental appointments, my daughter's events and my parents came in to town last week so I didn't get a lot done.  I was determined to get something done today.  The bathrooms really needed cleaning so I started there and organized under the sink in each bathroom.
Before in the full bath.

After in the full bath.

Before in the half bath.

After in the full bath.
Now under the sinks I just have a waste basket, and cleaning supplies.  The full bath is also holding extra toilet paper, and the scale.  In the half bath we have the plunger since it fits better and is hiding.  In the half bath I put the extra toilet paper in the cabinet next to the dental supplies since it fit best here.  

With a couple of days left I still have the laundry room to do, which I am going to tackle tomorrow.  I have a few trips to make to donate and sell items and I hope to get that done this week as well before Easter.

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