Saturday, August 11, 2012


Sitting on my couch, catching up on big brother 14, I feel so tired.  I woke up early this morning to go to the State Fair. We walked around for about 4 and half hours, but I did eat some fried Oreos. This is one of my fair favorites so I have gotten them three years in a row now.

I did search the internet and found a great post on snacks:

I'm going to try to start making my snacks healthy next week, but I definitely need to keep some chocolate in there as well, and maybe even one zero calorie pop once a week.

This week also went well for my half marathon training. I ran/walk 10 miles on Sunday and 4 miles on Wed and Friday. It hasn't been so good for trying to use the other days for strength exercises other parts of my body, but there have been a few times that I fit in a few crunches and some squats. I have a co-worker who I'm going to try to meet at the gym next week for some more motivation on my non-running days. I finally viewed the gym and was a little disappointed that they don't have the machine where you push you legs in to work on inner thighs, but they do have the rope thing for your leg to work it that way. The gym also has some elliptical and bike machines to help me cross train. I hope to get used to the gym and then I will keep up with my running after the marathon is over. Tomorrow I will run .5 miles at a fast past, and 3 minutes at a slow pace for 6 intervals with a 5 min warm up and cool down. I also plan on cleaning the garage and getting a lot of housework done tomorrow.

Money report: $35 I took out for the fair: paid kids $7 in allowance, paid $15 for parking and tickets, $5.50 for tenderloin for daughter, $4 in fried oreos, and also charged 13.50 for onion rings, soda and cheese steak sandwich for my son and I still have $3 in cash
Chore Report:made sure the kids cleaned the bathrooms before I gave them allowance and did some laundry
Health report: ran/walked Friday 4 mi, and walked around the fair, I did have some soda today, and didn't eat healthy. trying to drink more water before going to bed as I am always thirsty it seems. I might try to drink seltzer water to calm pop cravings. For some reason my skin is fairly clear of any acne right now so super stoked about that.

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