Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tame It Tuesday

I saw a Pin about folding your shirts vertically so you can see what is on the front plus adds more room. It took me about 15 minutes to organize this drawer while putting away laundry. Before I had the shirts folded like the stores do, but I would have to rummage under them to find the one I wanted. It also filled this drawer to maximum capacity  Now I have a little bit of room to work with and I might be able to get rid of some additional storage. I looked for the original Pin, but I didn't find any tutorials just pictures. Just search shirt folding.

I also moved the kids books from the basement to the living room. I have a few books I am going to give my best friends daughter, and some I'm selling to Half Price Books. I also am taking out the holiday books to store in a tub by themselves. The piles on the floor here are what my kids had in their rooms. The two on the left are what they took out of their rooms. I told my son to look on top of his dresser, and on his night stand. The two piles are the left are what I took out of his room after he was done. I think my project this weekend will be helping my son organize his room. On the list is:
getting rid of too small clothes
sorting out the boxes of toys
cleaning bed linens
a good sweeping and washing of the floors

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