Friday, October 25, 2013

Christmas Savings Club - October Edition

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Yeah! My last deposit will be in the bank, next item is to cash out! It only takes a few days to get my money so I will wait until the week before Thanksgiving to transfer the funds. I also have the option to put the money on gift cards and increase my funds. I doubt if I am going to do this since I haven't decided where my money will go and I don't know how long it takes to receive the gifts cards. I'm super excited about the holidays. My plan for Nov and Dec is to hide my one and only credit card so I can get out of the holidays without extra debt. I just need to pay the fee for my doctors visit and I will feel a lot better. I would feel awesome if I could sell the step 2 princess bed I've been trying to sell all month.

This year the day after Thanksgiving is an automatic paid holiday at work. I also have scheduled the week before Christmas off, which I'm sure we will travel so I will have to make sure to budget this in as well this year.This will also mean visiting my husband's family. I'm not sure how to handle this and I might have to rearrange my budget to fit in more presents. I think it should be my husband who buys presents for his own family, since we have separate accounts and I pay for my own family. We will see how that goes, but I'm not showing up without something!

Family Balance Sheet is also having post all October called 31 Days to Find $1000. Here are some ways I plan to get some extra cash my way:

Coupons - I barely use coupons, but this month I will sure take anything I can get to save some dough.
Turn in Cans - pop cans and bottles, wine and beer bottles gain $.05 each which can add up.
Say NO! - say no to my kids when they want something extra, say no to Starbucks, say no to the vending machine, and so on and so on.
Consignment Shops - I have a leather jacket I never wear, also a bunch of kids toys. I find it is easy to get rid of things at the consignment shops then on Craig's list.
Shop Around - My husband only goes grocery shopping at Walmart and it drives me crazy. I am going to look at sales and try to cut down on the grocery bill which I hope will influence him to pay down more debt.

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