Monday, November 4, 2013

Oh Goodness, It's Monday

It has been crazy. Trick or Treating was almost every night last week. The funny thing was the only night I didn't go was Oct 31. On Thursday I found out my family was coming to town. I do see my family a lot, but I spend a lot of time with them every time they are here. My mom's dog also ran away on Sat, and they found her tonight, so I had to go pick up the dog. I didn't get any meal planning done, so I wasn't able to post. Tues is a cub scout meeting, plus I need to return books to the library.

This week I'm setting a loose goal of cutting down on grains and dairy. Last week I didn't do any of my goals and I lost weight! Why is losing weight so difficult. Months ago I lost weight while doing the Paleo plan, so I'm trying again. Check out Marks Daily Apple to learn more about this way of life.

Here is what I ate today:

Breakfast: 2 bacon slices (didn't have much time)
Morning Snack: almonds and bananas, green tea
Lunch: turkey and mayo in lettuce, sweet potato chips
Afternoon Snack: grapes, pepsi max
Dinner: pork chop, red potatoes and Brussels sprouts
After dinner snack: 1 slice of bacon (what was left cooked, and a pop)

OK, OK so the pop doesn't fit in at all but it fills me up. I did drink water today as well. I hope to get off of the pop kick again.

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