Tuesday, April 1, 2014

March 2014 Unexpected Expenses

My son's birthday was in March. We didn't budget for a gift. I had a Groupon that was to expire for a local science center. My husband didn't really want to go so I invited one of my son's friends. The best part was we got there half an hour before it opened, and meter parking is free on the weekend and we found one right outside, so I didn't have to pay for parking in a garage. He also just wanted chips and juice instead of a cake, which saved some money. We did have a family party and I bought the cake from Costco for less than $20. We budget for automobile gas and mad money, which we blend. The total of this budget is $170. I also allowed $100 to be put aside from my second job to go towards all these extra expenses this month. So here is what I spent in March:

I had $18 cash, which over half went to the church I attend.
Vending machines at work: $24.40
Field Trip: $15
School Play t-shirt, after party and group picture: $15
School play costume: $40.43
Gas: 64.55
Fast food: 33.72
Bean bag beans: 13.77
Violin Solo Competition: $5
Headphones: $13.77
Work pot luck: 13.68
Printer Ink, aluminum foil: $45.85
school year book: $15 
Total: $318.17
We also had to buy salt for the water softener but took this out of our vacation fund since my husband didn't use any of it during spring break.

So as you can see even though I extended my budget I still went over by $48.17. I could have not participated in the potluck, waited on the headphone (although can't really say I regret it took much since I use they every day at work), and not bought bean bag beans. The field trip was a "suggested" donation, but I still felt I had to contribute. The sheet also noted you could add more money to pay for another child, but I think $15 is a lot for a field trip in the first place, especial since parents are driving. I did a lot better last month and was able to put extra money towards the debt from groceries and gas. I'm going to try a lot harder in April. Having two jobs is really exhausting. I haven't had a day off since January. I am working 60-70 hours a week and so is my husband. I just keep telling myself: It is only two years, and I'm making money. We are slated to have our first debt paid off in April and that is really exciting. We should have our second debt paid by August if we stay on track. My husband's work is to pick up in the summer which is nice, since we will also have more daycare expenses.

In April we also have to bring snacks for 25 students for 5 days, but I plan on taking this out of the grocery fund. Other than that I also hope to buy Rachel and Dave's book during pre-sale, but I plan on waiting to see how much money I have by April 15 before I buy.

I feel like a kid on a debt reducing road trip: "Are we debt free yet?"

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