Thursday, October 9, 2014

10 Months


   We are now 10 months into what I hope is a two year journey of being debt free (except for the house). I often feel like giving up, but at this point I feel like there is no going back. I can't feel the same way I did in the past, putting things on credit cards and not worrying about the future.

     This journey started late last year when we were discussing me going back to school. I wanted to quit my job and start dental hygiene school in the fall of 2014. My husband felt we just couldn't do it since he was always fearing losing his job. At the end of Aug, my husband felt the pressure that there were on their way to forcing him out so he put in two weeks. They only let him work one, before he was told he was no longer needed. Funny how that day he got two post cards in the mail congratulating him for making sales and how he was such a great asset to the team. This cut our income by $50-60,000/ year. He was thinking ahead but it will be a long road to be making that salary again. Currently I am paying all the bills and praying for no emergencies. He is bringing in money, but starting a small business and putting money aside for that, at least through December.

This is very stressful. I want so bad to be out of debt, but I also don't want to sell my car. Today was picture day for my son and my daughter's was a few weeks ago. We couldn't see how this would fit into the budget or that it was important, but I still cried thinking that this isn't how I want it to be.

With my daughter being in sixth grade, and we are paying for a cellphone for her, I would like for her not to go to daycare. She starts school at 9, and I work at 8 but she could just read for that hour at school. This would save us $216 a month. The only thing is, my husband can't commit to picking her up, and there have been a lot of report too close to home of "stranger danger".

My husband did apply for some part time work, but with me working two jobs, not sure if this will work. I also worry that at my full time job, I feel overwhelmed. I am planned to be a lead on projects, that will hopefully give me a raise. I know this raise won't be life changing, but it is hard to balance with a part time job and a family.

On top of all this I can feel how high my blood pressure is at most times. I also found out today my cholesterol is higher than it should. It is hard to focus on my health and my finances at the same time.

If I can plow through this next year I know we can do it, but that is still 15 months away.

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