Thursday, October 16, 2014

Thoughts and Goals

I thought I would look back at my goals I have set this year since there are less than 3 months left.

As far as debt, we have not personally acquired new debt. My husband did start his own business with debt, which helps bring in income, though not as much as if he wouldn't have lost/left his job. Since my last race in August, I have not been exercising and I never started Bikini Body Challenge, even though there is a new 90 day one. We do have our emergency fund, actually I have a few currently. Two for personal and one for the business. We are on hold till next year on paying off debt. I didn't go back to school, but work is paying for us to be certified, plus I am taking free classes through a program at work. I have also been listening to books at work, free through the local library. I have been going to church as often as I can. Things were put in place and I enjoy going to my current church, even though I still have doubt of faith. As far as volunteering with my children, I do need to do more. Last week my daughter and I helped prepare meals for the homeless, and with my Adult Sunday school group fed over 100 people, mainly children.

Here is a recap of debt:

Paid off smaller credit card debt of misc items.
Paid off student loan after graduating in 2003.
Paid 39% of our Siding, a loan taken out last year and need to have paid off by next summer to not pay interest. (Did a balance transfer since we were paying 9% interest)
Paid down on our cars and combines loans so our rate is 1.99%, hope to have 90-100% paid by end of 2015.

My weight is about 145 lb and on a 5' frame it is hard on the knees. I know I need to work on this, but I am lacking the strength since I am dealing with so many other things right now.

I can recommend some faith based books that I listened to recently that have some inspiration messages:

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