Thursday, April 30, 2015

April '15 Unexpected Expenses

April has been a long month. This has been the first official month for a long time that my husband and I have shared one account. This is the first time that we have shared an account and have actually tried to budget. I say try because both of us are a combination of spender and saver. We know we should save, and we save a little, but we also like to have things and go out to eat.

We increased the amount of gas we have been using. I still haven't figured out why he spends so much more in gas, but I guess day to day driving farther and picking up our son from daycare adds up in miles and gas. So from the start of the month gas increased around $30.

We paid $22.86 more on our car debt.

For giving, we made a donation for a friend for her on going battle with cancer, and I also donated $1 for Habitat for Humanity at the gas station.

$44.38 over budget in household, this was budget low. I bought stamps, needed a new key since daughter lost hers, weed killer, cleaning wipes, and laundry detergent.

We had to redo our taxes to the tune of $50 since my husband's past employer sent us a notice at the end of March they made a mistake. They also refuse to pay for it.

We got my husband a glove, $37.09 to play catch with my son.

$15 for a shirt for my daughter for her orchestra tour of the schools.

15.70 I spent money to make PVC pipe rocket launchers, bird suet, suet holder, and a bird house to make for cub scouts.

For Easter I took my niece shopping for an Easter outfit, $36.58.

$45 for fast food and $9.47 for convenience food, some of this money was moved from our Mad money for tracking purpose.

$9.00 for Easter chocolate, $46.21 for school snacks for my son's class.

Some of this is actually stuff I could have waited till May to spend the money and budget it in but I am working a lot of both jobs and I need to get things done when I can.

The good news is that we will have an increase in income soon.

Next month we have to pay for a violin rental, graduation, and I have gotten my medical bill from my heart ultrasound.

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