Sunday, September 27, 2009


I put aside $130 a week to spend on grocery, household, and gas.

Today we went to Hy-Vee after dropping our daughter at a pool party. This was mainly unplanned and we shopped without a list. We were out of bread and I planned on making meatloaf and needed the seasoning packet. This is never a good idea for us.

Straws 100ct $.99
Cereal $2.18
Cereal double bag box $3.79
Bread 2 loaves $1.89 each
Meatloaf seasoning, 4 $.50 each
Snapple $.99
Ice Cream,2 $2.75
2LT pop, 3 $1.67 each plus $.05 deposit
Pork Chops BOGO $5.00
Total $31.69

If this was planned I would have gotten $.05 for each of my reusable bags I keep in my car, but my husband drove.

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