Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Year Plan

This week I am also going to make a list of all the food in the kitchen. I am trying to use everything I have because I am always feeling like I have no room for what I buy. This will hopefully also help me save money and have a super saver month. I haven’t been recording my budget because I have been stress Christmas shopping. So much guilt from being a working mom, and missing my kids. Bad excuse I know.

My new budget for 2010 is: $50 for gas for 2 cars,$75 in grocery, and $50 in household and misc. Once I potty train my son I think this will be a realistic household budget. I am still using MS Money 2006 to budget on my computer because Quiken online was too confusing for me. We plan on getting my daughter a tutor for math and reading which is $25/hour so I thought we could start with every other week. My son is being watched by my live in mother in law. I would like him to start preschool since he will be 3 in March but we will be having more expenses trying to get my daughter to school. It will cost $60/quarter for one way travel. I am trying to get my work to accomadate me getting her to school.

My work schedule is finally on a routine so I hope to have a more calm life, we will see. More updates to come.

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