Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Review of last menu

The last menu I posted seemed to have alot of good recipes and some that just need tweeking. The slow cooker cheese potato soup came out really thick, I might have used too many potatoes. I don’t think I had the right pan for porcupine meatballs, and the rice wasn’t cooked but I think it had potential. The spinach and bacon frittata were alright but I cooked it in an electric skillet and the spinach burned when it was on the bottom. The hash brown casserole and stuffed peppers were delicious and I will make these again. I have some peppers left over since not all my recipes worked out this week so I will be making stuffed peppers again. I also had left over spinach so I found this spinach salad recipe. For the roast pork I couldn’t find bone in skin on pork shoulder roast, I didn’t want to special order. I cooked bone in roast butt and didn’t make the gravy and it was delicious. We still have this as a leftover plus my sister never seems to eat her leftovers and gave me chicken and steak.

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