Sunday, April 11, 2010


This year I have been trying different things to get out of our credit card debt so I can start working on student loan and mortgage debt.

I use Microsoft Money 2006 on an old pc to budget out a whole year of finance. I wanted to save $90 a month for Christmas but so far I have nothing put away. I did budget in all the nieces and nephew's birthdays which helps me remember. Every Sunday I check and balance my budget since we use our debt cards all week. I do have a habit of miss paying my husbands credit cards because he comes to me when they send him the late notice email, not the statement email. I wish all my credit card bills were on my banks ebill program because that makes life so much easier. Paying down all the credit will help with this too. We also want to do some projects around the house so I need to pay some things down before we start.
I also got an iTouch for my birthday in Jan and I have a few applications to have track finance and prices of items. I need to save receipts and use the Shoppee program more. It take some time to tap the prices in and my kids are not patient in the store with me so I need to work this out. I have the application which I just started using. It has opened my eyes a little but I am still getting used to the way it works.
My husband and I are paid by the hour so when I get paid over a set amount in a pay period that goes straight to credit card pay off. I have tried to not use credit cards at all but I somehow keep creeping back to them. I like to use my BP visa when I buy gas because they give cash back, which I believe is 5% back when I buy gas.

How did you pay down your debt?

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