Sunday, June 27, 2010

Accountability for my Budget

So here is the eye opener: I know my budget isn't where is should be. I use many things to make sure I don't overdraft, but sticking to budget is another thing. I would like to save a lot of money for my families future. I this point my husband never sees me quiting my job to devote more time for family. I will not accept this. You would think that as babies I would have wanted to quit more so than when they started school but this is not the case. Now that my oldest is in school, I miss out on field trips, class parties, volunteer opportunities, being her Brownie Leader, forgetting to bring her to 4-H, and now my son is starting sports and I had to ask my sister to bring him to a make up game since my husband and I were both at work. I want more time to help my kids study and practice their sports, and to show them things that I did as a kid.

So here is the debt:
Home mortgage: $147,482
Student Loan: $12,191
Car Loan: $10,474 (didn't really need a new car)
Best Buy Credit Card: $767 & $440 (my PC crashed so I bought a laptop, he bought misc electronic item, these have % interest)
Jared $1551 (a ring for me a watch for him)
Visa: $500 (his misc spending)
JCPenney: $838 (furniture o% interest)
Menards: $225 (insulation, 0% interest)
BP Visa: $108.85 (trip to MN)

I use and 2003 Microsoft money to help stay within my income.
I get paid every 2 weeks, and he gets paid weekly.

Income Last week:
$998.16 ( they forgot to pay me holiday on the last paycheck so this is more than usual)
Total: $1443.28

Withdrawals Last Week:
Clothing: $55.11 (I bought expensive tone shoes)
Household & Groceries: $186.24 (I'm not sure what all this was?)
Credit Card Payments: $559.59 ( I paid off a Credit Card with savings)
Home Decor: $17.49 (I had a $10 off of $10 coupon and bought some frames)
Books: $13.61 (entertainment for the summer)
Fast food: $36.19 (way too much going out this week!)
Gas $68.58
Mortgage: $297.10 (we pay every week)
Total: $1199.84

Savings: $243.44, which mainly goes to paying back all the I-want-it-right-now credit card debt.

This week I am going to only eat out once, and collect all my receipt so I can see what I'm really buying in the household and groceries category. (Crossing my fingers.)

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