Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Game Plan for Life- Wednesday

I have made the bed, cleared the table a couple of times, and empty and refilled the dishwasher. It has been a few days since I ran it because it wasn't full. I ran it before dinner, and I was very convinced I wasn't going to unload it tonight. Then I looked in the sink at the dirty dishes and that made me unload and reload. My mom and the kids came back tonight and that means more mess. I found a bag of potatoes while putting other things away so my mom decided to make potato salad. She isn't the best at cleaning up after herself so I thought it would be............

Sorry, my son I had to use the bathroom and can't turn on the light. Well, while I was gone I noticed a snack explosion on the table and cleared it off again. I turns out my mom did clean up the dishes after cooking, what a nice surprise! I think if I would have had dishes in the sink, she might of left the pot and lid with the others or made me feel guilty by doing all the dishes by hand. (My mom lives with us for the most part but still has a home in my hometown with my dad. Complicated I know, for another post.)

I had to work late last night (as in till 10:30), then came home and talked with my husband and couldn't fall asleep right away. I set my alarm for 6am but didn't get up until 7:10. I was able to prep for tonight's dinner, but I forgot till the last minute about lunch. I decided that I could fall back into old ways and eat out or I could come home and see my hubby for about 1/2 hour. I decided on the latter, and I feel good about my decision since I got to talk with my husband for awhile without children's interruptions. I love my kids but they repeat themselves until you answer or acknowledge them for anything. Anyways, I wonder if I spent more in gas or if I saved by not eating the Taco Bell $2 meal deal. I will look into this further.

Good night.

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