Monday, June 28, 2010

In the Game

Today I woke up and made the bed. I packed the kids for Grandma's house (Yeah for all!). After they left I finished the dishes and cleaned off the kitchen counters. Then I had to sweep the floors since I swept the crumbs from the counter to the floor. I sorted out a few baskets of laundry and I hope to put them away tomorrow morning. I have also been on top of picking up the dog kibble off the floor. When we moved in to our house my son loved to get into the dog dishes at the time, so the dog eats in the small bathroom between the kitchen and the master bedroom. When our dog eats she drops kibble on the floor, to get kicked to the kitchen or the bedroom. Some times it gets stepped on and crushed, all adding to the mess of the house. I still have to go grocery shopping so I must be on my way since I go to work in 3 hours as well.

I'm going to tell myself that my eating out for the week is already blown from yesterday. My daughter had 4-H and I needed to pay for her fair fees. I didn't bring my checkbook so I ran to my bank across the street. Well ATM only give out $20 for the most part, this one included, so I went to McDonald's and got my son fries and a juice to break it.

It was also an upsetting day for me since the group leaders decided they are unable to lead next year and they need other parents to step up into the roles. No one really said yes yesterday, and I really can't say I know a lot of the parents too well. This also happened with my daughters Girl Scouts this year, but another parent stepped up to take that on and I hope to be able to help out with that as well. My daughter enjoys 4-H and it will be a good scholarship opportunity for when she is older, so I hope it will all work out.

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