Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Game Plan for Life- Tuesday

I have:

made my bed

put all new dishes in the dishwasher

made a trip to Costco and local grocery store

put away clothes that were on the couch

put in a load of clothes to wash and dry

went to work to watch a broad cast for 20min

made dinner for me to bring to work and for my husband to eat when he gets home

My budget so far is:

Household: $127.10 (which may include some groceries, I can't find my Walmart receipt)
Grocery: $82.44 (I hope I'm done for the week!)
Entertainment: $41.54 (we went to the zoo and husband bought a CD)
Eating out: $17.73 ($2 from McDonald's to break a $20, $15.73 is from my husband grabbing snacks at work)
Hobbies: $4 (fair dues)

I bought some things to try and stop my husband from eating out at the gas stations so much. I'm going to have to show him how much this adds up, and that if he wants his own business he needs to tighten his wallet.

Now off to work again. I hope when I get home I can prep for Wed dinner since I work early on Wednesday.

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