Thursday, June 24, 2010

No TV and I'm loving it

As a child both of my parents worked, and they worked opposite shifts to save on daycare with 3 kids. I watched a lot of TV and ate a lot of TV dinners as a kid. As I grew up I always seemed to feel better with the TV on. I would do homework in front of the TV, eat, surf the Internet, cook, babysit, fight with my boyfriend, etc. When I was in college I didn't want to pay for my own cable so I didn't have as much to watch with an antenna, but I still consistently had the TV on. So last year my husband decided we should have cable, which we have had before. Ever since the need for converter boxes, we get very poor reception in the valley where we live. We watched a lot of TV in that year, probably too much.
Last Saturday I canceled my cable and I'm loving it. I have my Internet and that is all I need. You can watch so my shows on the Internet these days it seems like such a waste to continue paying high price for cable. Now my kids watch DVDs, and I don't have to constantly monitor what is being watched ( I am not a fan of some Cartoon Network cartoons). I can watch my shows any time I want to, before I didn't splurge for the DVR and I would stay up too late watching a later show. Today my daughter is playing with her cousin and was reading him a book. This is the girl who hated to read at the beginning of first grade. I also woke up and started cleaning while listening to my Dr Joy Browne podcast. If I still had cable I'm sure I would be glued to the TV guide looking for something to entertain me. My husband still thinks we should shop around for a new package but I don't want to play the game of promotional pricing. If anything I would buy a media player once I learn more about them. My sister has also volunteered to DVR Big Brother, and I can watch a marathon when I visit her. I feel optimistic about my decision and I hope the positives of no cable continue.

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