Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Vacation Minneapolis

I just got back from vacation and I am more tired than when I left. We had to go out of town for a graduation in Minneapolis. While in the area we went to Albertville Outlets. We found a lot of good deals. The Coach outlet had 50% additional off clearance purses plus they handed out 20%off coupons. I didn't buy one but will save some money for the next chance we get to get up there. Old Navy had an additional 40% off on women's clothing so I bought a flag shirt for $3.00 for my mom. Children's Place Outlet had 40% off clearance racks and I had an email for an extra 20% off. Gap had an additional 20% off a $75 purchase for fire, police and medical workers so my sister, an RN, and I compiled our purchases to save. The VIP coupons, we received for free from our hotel, we didn't end up using, but my daughter's teacher gave us a thick book for the Mall of America, and I did hand a lot of those out to family. I went online and ordered some tourist magazines for free and received a map of the mall ahead of time. I was able to map out the stores I wanted to hit since the mall is so big, but most of the store were at Albertville anyways. Next trip I plan on going to Albertville the morning of the first day, staying near the mall ( the teacher received the $10 coupon book free at her hotel) and going to the Mall's Aquarium that next. Then the next day we can ride all the rides at the mall since it was less busy in the morning, and going to Ikea before going home, or on to maybe Valley Fair or the Renaissance Fair. I remember doing these things as a kid and would like to share with my kids as they grow. I may live and play in the Midwest, but it is my comfort zone and I don't feel bad about never going too far from home.

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