Monday, July 5, 2010

Budget Update

So I need to find some more money from somewhere so we can start sending my son to preschool in the fall. I have been trying really hard to pay down debt and start having a really good amount in savings.

Debt changed from last week:
Mortgage: $147,481.82 (not much I know)
Best Buy: $872.49
JCPenney's: $150.63 scheduled to pay off 7/20
Menard's: $0
BP Visa: $0

Income 6/27-7/4

Household: $177.36
Cash withdrawal: $40
Entertainment: $21.54
Husband's snacking: $15.73
Credit Card Payments: $1274.08
Car Insurance: $95.32
Utility: $95.32
Gas: $39.22
Groceries: $105.88
Mortgage: $297.10

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