Saturday, July 3, 2010

Game Plan for Life- Saturday

Another long day. I stayed up late last night with my sister in town. I ran around town with my son and heard "I wanna see my cousins" 200 million times. He can be a handful so I didn't want to leave him at my sisters since I had things to do. I went to work and came home to a sink full of dishes. I guess the positive side of this would be that I now have leftovers in my frig and the dishes did make it into the sink and not left on the table. So this morning I made my bed and tonight I ran the dishwasher. I still have not decided on a what model of new washer I want, I thought I had it down but the one Consumer Reports rated best is being ripped apart by customers at Best Which one do I take with a grain of salt? To be continued..........    

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