Saturday, July 3, 2010

Game Plan for Life- Friday (Focus Check)

I woke up at around 1:30am to find my dog dragging trash out of the garbage bin. Not the best thing to wake up to. So I had to clean it up and take out the trash and couldn't get back to sleep right away. Today has been like the never ending day. I have made my bed, empty and reloaded the dishwasher, and cleaned the table after dinner. I can't say we really had breakfast or lunch dishes. When I did get up we went to the local grocery store since they had a two day sale. Then I went to my sister's house to do a load of laundry. She wanted to go to the library and took all of our 5 kids with her. Some times I just don't know what to do when I'm by myself, especially when I'm not at home. She does have cable so I started a load of laundry I brought over and watched some American Justice. Since we had power outages last weekend my washer has been acting up. Of course this comes about a month after I just sold the extra washer & dryer we had when we moved into this house. I think this is why I have trouble getting rid of this, I really do end up needing them. Then again isn't it Murphy's Law that as soon as I did get rid of them, the washer I stopped working. It is going to cost almost as much to fix it, as it would to get a new washer, so I have been looking for a good deal. Not a bad weekend to look since it is a holiday weekend. Best Buy looks promising since they have 0% for 18 months. I might have to stop by the library tomorrow to look at Consumer Reports. It is going to be such a busy weekend. I work 8 hour days until next Thursday, I have family in town (at least they are staying with my sister), I need to get to Costco tomorrow since the coupons they have out expire, and my kids are going to be in the 4th of July Parade that goes down our street.  Such fun that I am going to miss out on. I did originally request this weekend off because they were talking about having my high school reunion. Now they are having it on a black out weekend at my work. Murphy's Law again. I am going to go out and buy a horse shoe, a 4 leaf clover, and a troll doll.

I am linking this up to A Slob Comes Clean's focus check Friday linky. My focus for next week will be to buy a washer and catch up with all the laundry. I am not adding this to my non negotiable list yet, and will probably put this one off for a couple of weeks still.

PS. A lot of links because Amazon associates is kinda fun.

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