Saturday, July 10, 2010

Game Plan for Life- Saturday

So with following my list, I have:

Kitchen: cleared some clutter, load/empty dishwasher, did dishes

Bathroom: nothing, our counters don't get too cluttered since they are only sinks and the backs of toilet, how lucky is that!

Bedrooms: I made my bed, did a lot of laundry, all the dirty clothes are downstairs

So I haven't followed the whole list yet but I did look at it. Maybe I need to add my own notes and make it less vague for my atmosphere. I need to work on clearing more of the clutter. It isn't at it's worse, but I look and see things that need to be put away.  I did get all the laundry put away except for my husbands, but I did get it folded.  I also cleaned the kids toy room and swept and mopped it a little. I did stick a lot of toys that didn't have a place in the laundry room to be sorted later. I also took a little nap and made dinner.  It seems if I'm not running around like a crazy person then I can feel how tired I really am and need to take a nap.

Here are pictures of my clean laundry piles:

Before putting them away.


I bought this shelving unit at Lowe's 6 years ago. It has held TVs and books, clothes, tools, canned goods, and now helps sort my laundry to a point.  The gray tub holds extra blankets, as you can see we have plenty of small blankets. I will need to weed this out and would like to replace them with some usable ones. Maybe I can make quilts out of all the little fleece throws my mom has made for the kids. The basket in the front is my husbands clothes which I will put away when I get a chance which should be soon because I'm sure he will dig through it and mess up all the folds. The bottom of the shelving unit is extra sheet sets with the sheets inside pillow cases. Once I clean out bedroom closets then I can put some extra blankets in rooms too. As always laundry is to be continued.

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