Sunday, July 11, 2010

Budget Update 7/4-7/10

Still a lot of expenses that would could cut back. I did buy grocery meat on sale this week that I will use the next 2 weeks at least.  I am also going out of town so will be spending money on gas and eating out. I need to figure out some freezer meals to make so I don't eat out when I'm too tired. I need to get going right now on today's meal but first an update on expenses and spending:


Credit card payments: 484.93
Convenience foods: 18.83
Entertainment: 37.99
Utilities: 130
Auto Gas: 52
Groceries: 130.59
Home expenses: 33.81
Other monthly bills: 333.51
Clothing: 16.92
Personal care: 33.98
Toys: 18.28
Mortgage: 297.09
Gifts: 23.16

over $85.63

I definitely didn't need the clothing or toys this week so I hope not to buy anything of that nature for the next two weeks. Entertainment was something from the playstation network, a DVD for my son, and seeing Toy Story 3. I think I will try to give my husband $10 this week and tell him to stop taking money from the checking account because he doesn't want to make a lunch. This would have saved us $83.19. Reality is not pretty.

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