Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Day of Wrongs

So I got up early again today, but just barely. I have made my bed and cleaned the living room.  I can't seem to get myself out of this funk where I would rather self destruct than get things done.  I did have a few positives for the day: my niece and nephew are in town, my husband cleaned the kitchen and bought groceries, and  I persevered and my son is sleeping alone in his own bed for right now.

I am nervous because since it has been so long since I took my ACT, college wants me to take a test in math, reading and writing. My prep test online didn't go too great, and I don't have time to study. I wanted to go to bed early to get some sleep, but I procrastinated on putting the kids to bed. Now I'm worked up because I struggled to get my son to bed, probably due to over tiredness, which is my own fault.

It has really been a day of struggles: I had to throw away a family pack of chicken legs because my husband doesn't know how to thaw chicken, I ruined two boxes of mac and cheese because we had no milk, my sister asked at the last minute for me to pay her for babysitting and to pick the kids up from summer camp, I haven't found make up or an outfit for my high school reunion, I found out I needed to take that college test,  and I dread this crazy weekend coming up.

I hope to be able to study somewhat tomorrow since the test is at one, then I can attempt to clean the house after that. I can reward myself with a blizzard since the CMN event is tomorrow. Something to look forward to at least.

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