Thursday, August 5, 2010

Yeah, Me!

So I had an inadequate amount of sleep last night, again.  I woke up and had to get 3 tired kids wrangled into the car.  I spent most of the day at my sister's house with 7 kids and two other adults.

I did go to my test, which I did fairly decent.  I need to work on my algebra, but by that point I wasn't able to stifle my ADD and was ready to go. I do need to figure out square root equations again.  I wish I would have gotten this urge a month before because it is so close to school starting.  I am already disappointed by the school I am trying to attend.  After I took my test today, I told her I already have my bachelor. She told me I probably didn't need to take the test if they had know that (I put that in the application). But I did good so, whatever.  I'm having a hard time figuring out what steps I need to take to get through and schedule classes.  I haven't been able to talk to my boss yet, and let him know I plan to start school which could be interesting.  I hope I can work a schedule out so I can at least work through the holiday season.  This will give them adequate enough time to find a replacement.

So now that I'm home, I washed some clothes, cleaned bathroom and kitchen counters, and did the dishes. I also made the bed this morning. I feel so much better sitting here and relaxing because I got things done. I hope I can keep this up into the following week.

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