Monday, August 2, 2010


So I worked 8 hours days this weekend and didn't prepare for this weeks meals. I also have to take my son to Super Hero Camp which is 9am to noon. Well this requires me to wake up early, which is hard because I work nights so my mind likes to stay up, then I also work at 1 so I have to run across town to drop him off then go back across town to get him then take the kids to my sisters so I can work.  I do have wed and thurs off so those are my days to power clean and catch up (I will be making my bed these two cleaning days off).  I hope I can pick up a few easy meals to make for the next few days after I drop my son off Tues morning. I also went to the community college today and asked some questions. I put in my applications and sent for my transcripts so I can see what my options are. I already have my bachelors so that doesn't leave me an option for Pell grants. I'm not sure how we would afford for me to go to school, but I am all ears for any advice.

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