Friday, July 30, 2010

Working on Life

So I thought I set my i-Touch to wake me at 8, but I ended up getting up at 8:30. I didn't have time to work out so I started in on the kitchen. I did the dishes, cleared the counters, and picked up all the stuff that got deposited on the floor from my daughter's party.  I also swept the floor and cleaned off the stove. The microwave is still clean from the last time so that makes me happy.

I also made my bed and cleared all the misc items from my playroom's extra bed.  I have a box of rummage, a box for the laundry room, and a box for upstairs to sort out.  I thought I would have more for the rummage, but most of it was stuff we still need or junk.  I did find $2.93 in change amongst the junk.  I also now have an empty  tote which will help out with toy sorting.

I found another whole box of my daughter art work. I need some advice on what to do with all of it. I wish I would have dated it but I didn't. I have a little bit of an idea of when some of them were done.  My thoughts were to put them in a scrapbook type deal, and maybe take picture of the 3-D items.  A good project for a "Tackle It Tuesday".

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