Saturday, February 5, 2011

Menu Plan Monday 2/6-2/13

Sunday- sassy chicken enchilada dip
Monday- Italian Sausage and Potato Roast
Tuesday- slow cooker potato soup 
Wednesday- tuna melt panino
Thursday- foil packet tilapia crockpot recipe
Friday- buffalo chicken spaghetti (inventive recipe from
Saturday-Italian Sausage Rigatoni
Sunday- southwestern quinoa casserole

See more meal plans at menu plan monday over at

*I made the enchilada dip with shredded pork instead of chicken. It was still good but it was hard to pick up with the chips. My son did like it but my picky daughter didn't even try it.
*I really liked how easy the Italian sausage and potato roast was to make. It was delicious and seems healthy.
*The slow cooker potato soup was good and I also added some cheese.
*The foil packet tilapia was easy to make, but the kids didn't really eat it. I liked it but thought the Parmesan was a little over powering.
*The buffalo chicken wasn't bad. I only used 1/4 of buffalo sauce because I don't like things hot but it could have used more.

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