Sunday, February 20, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

I planned it out two weeks to prevent any extra shopping trips. I might have to run out again for milk or bread, but if I stay focus I can leave the store with just these items.

Monday- shanghai noodles
Tuesday- Easy pot roast, carrots, and mashed potatoes
Wednesday- chicken nuggets and fries
Thursday- chicken recipe, au gratin potatoes
Friday- Bacon Quiche Biscuit
Saturday- sloppy joes, side of corn
Sunday- tater tot casserole
Monday- stuffed chicken breast, au gratinpotatoes
Tuesday- mojo pork roast, pork stuffing
Wednesday- mac and cheese
Thursday- french dip, veggies and dip
Friday- leftovers
Saturday- chicken fricassee, carrots, and rolls
Sunday- Jimmy John's day old bread pizza

Check more menu's at  menu plan Monday hosted by

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Easy pot roast- good and easy
chicken recipe,- skipped so need to make sometime
Bacon Quiche Biscuit- always a good recipe especially for company
sloppy joes, - smash hit, I used a red pepper instead of green
mojo pork roast,- skipped so need to make sometime
 french dip, - quick, easy and awesome
chicken fricassee- nothiing to write home about
Jimmy John's day old bread pizza- quick, easy, kid liked, and baked in toaster oven

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  1. I used to plan and shop for a month, and run only into the store for milk/produce. I am like you, as long as I focus I can get in and out!

    Your meal plan sounds great!