Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Devil Wears a Smile on His Face

I told my husband, if he needs deodorant he should go to the store himself.  He thought that since I was going out any way, I should be the one.  I knew it was going to happen. I know I'm not strong enough.

I went in for 1 item, which turned into 11+.

It started with me going to the photo section. I have been trying to finish old scrapbooks of my kids and I found an old memory card. There I spend 90 cents on some prints.  I then went over to the personal care section and found some deodorant for my husband.  I remembered how the one I am using has a tendency to pop out when I open it, so I though as long as I'm here I should get some for myself.  On the way to the cash register, I remembered I ran out of the double sided squares I use for scrapbooking.  I passed the easter section and picked out some tape from the scrapbook section. I resisted buying some more scrapbook paper, even though it was a good deal.  I figured I can raid my sister's stash or just be really creative with what I have already.  All this hard work shopping got me craving for some Reece's Pieces, which came in a cute carrot shape for easter.  They only cost a dollar! But then I started to think, how much would a normal box from the candy section cost?  So I walked over and found the dollar deal in a box with more inside.  But on my way back they had clothing clearance racks in the aisle: $3, $5, and $9!  I found  a fleece jacket for my daughter for $3.50, a cute t shirt for my son for $3, four pairs of pants, and one sweatshirt for my kids and nephew, all for $2 each!

I wouldn't say this was a total bust because most of these things we will need, and I did pay cash for them.

The scrapbooking is an important thing because I was the youngest of 3 and barely have a photographic childhood to show for it.  I have spent a lot of scrapbooking lately since my son's birthday is coming up and I like to have his past year finished to show family.  Scrapbooking is definitely harder to do the more time passes since the pictures where taken.

I have also paid off a lot of debt since we got most of the tax money back.  If I can stick to budget this year without racking up the debt it will be a very successful  year for me.

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