Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day Three- At Least Progress Was Made

I worked on the extra room today.  Above is what it looked like at the beginning of the day.  Toys everywhere.  The bed was covered and most of the boxes that had toys in them where not organized into any categories.  Here is what it looked like at the end of the day:
All the boxes have been organized into categories:
piles of games and their pieces
things that need to go to my daughters room
things needing to go other places

Tomorrow I will add in more toys once I sort out the big toy room.  My plan is to not add in any more storage tubs for toys.  Any broken storage tubs will be thrown away, and toys will be down sized until they fit.  I already had my daughter go through her stuffed animals.  We had a 32 gallon tub, a bigger tub, and then a plastic comforter bag full of dolls and misc stuffed toys. I told her the ones she wanted to keep needed to fit the bigger tub since the 32 gallon was cracked.  I also need to free up some of my fabric bins for books since it is hard to see what we have because they are mostly paperback books.  Right now they are faced with the spine showing and I hope to be able to put them into size order with the front showing like the young reader section at the library.  The amount of games we have also needs to be adjusted.  I have a lot of games because a couple of years ago I won a lot of misc games off of eBay.  (The seller spent more money shipping it to me then I spent on the games.)  I also have brought some old games back from my parents house too, since they weren't being used there.  My son's teacher wants us to play more board games with him to help expand his attention and listening skills, but I need to put a lot of the pieces back in the right boxes.

The before and after pictures don't look very different, but I hope to get a lot of work done tomorrow.


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