Monday, March 14, 2011

Day Four- Projects Almost Done

So today was the toy room's day to be cleaned.  It wasn't too bad since I cleaned things up a couple of months ago.  In the above shot is a toy kitchen, a tub of Littlest Pet Shop toys, a wiggles car, a TV not used too often, and a bunch of play plastic houses, and a tent.  Around the room you can see pictures my daughter has done and a border of numbers I bought to help my daughter with her math homework.  I think now that this place is cleaner I will bring down the rest of the learning poster's that I have in my dining room.  I like to have them up, but it makes my dining room look awkward.  This shot to the right is the pull out couch which I put the cover back on to update the 60's look, a play table, and a basketball hoop, which will go back outside soon.  There is also the basketball hoop on the wall which is there for lack of a better place.

This is a picture of the shelving unit where it can hold toys I would switch out.  I don't want them to have all the toys they used to have in here because I think it is too much for them to clean up even though it is so easy for them to spread them all out.  I forgot to take the box off of the top and move that to the rummage space.  The green bin is holding super hero toys, and the blue bin is holding guns and ammo.  The pink bin is currently empty.  My daughter still has her bin of Littles Pet Shop toys out in the room so I'm not sure what other toys she would like out right now.  Most of the time she has her coloring and art supplies on hand so she doesn't play too often.  

I also worked on the extra room some more today and was able to get rid of a lot of toys I didn't think we need any more.

There is a lot more floor space to walk around in and I was able to bring in a space heater to help me finish up some sorting tonight.  I have 95% of the game pieces put away and I sorted through the books and coloring books.  I was able to sort out enough bins to have enough for all the books to face out, plus I got rid of some books as well.  I will have two more fabric bins to put in the toy room once I am done sorting out puzzle pieces and misc game items.  I do need to put a lift on the bed so I can store some things under it, as of right now the under the bed plastic won't fit.  Near the elliptical and near the games I also have some papers and misc items to sort through which I hope to get to tomorrow.  I haven't started any of my spring cleaning check list but I hope to get that done quickly.  I am planning a trip to the science center with my kids tomorrow which will take most of the day but I feel optimistic I will get things done.  

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