Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spring Break

Spring Break officially will start this Monday, but I have a lot of goals to accomplish with kids in tow so I am gonna start Friday night.  My daughter is off for 1 week and my son will be off for 2 weeks.  I took one week off to be with them both and this will be my first spring break ever ( yes I know Spring doesn't start till March 20th but I didn't name it that the schools did).  I went to Catholic school and we just had a few days off for Easter.  It was nice getting out earlier than the public schools I must admit, but you also saw everyone riding their bikes past school enjoying the nice weather we have waited months to experience.  I have decided it is also a good time to Spring clean which I have never really done.

Here are a few projects I would like to accomplish:

1. Finally put pictures and decoration on this wall:

We moved into our house in Feb of 2009. I have bought a few things to hang on this wall, but so far it has a shelf, a digital picture frame, a Demdaco statue I got from a friend, and misc items that need a new home.

2. Clean up the paper clutter and find a better place for the games:

I have been piling up magazines, school papers, and old bills. I need to buy a new shredder to get rid of the bills and organize the rest.

3. Clean and get rid of some toys:
Its cold in the basement so a lot of these toys haven't been touched much this winter.  I am still working on a plan to get the kids to be more responsible for picking up their own messes.

4.  Clean up my junk/storage/extra bedroom/craft room:

We have 2 extra rooms in our basement: one for me and one for my husband.  My husband uses his for his man cave and his extra clothes.  I use mine for storage of Christmas, a bed for company, my sewing and craft supplies, and most recently storage of  I'm-tired-of-cleaning-up-after-my-kids-items.  I had my kid's books in their rooms and extra toys in the laundry room (picture #5).  But every time I turned around they had books spilled on their floor and the laundry room looked like a hurricane hit.  I plan to get these things more organized in this room and put a lock on the door so they can't enter unless an adult is monitoring them.  I hope also to evaluate how often they are playing with toys or reading what books so I can get rid of some things.  I think I have a problem getting rid of toys because as an adult I wish I had some of my old fabulous toys and books to share with my kids.

5. The storage area of the laundry room:

After I clean this area up I hope to move my Christmas storage boxes here and to use the rest for rummage items.  Toys are taking up 2/3 of the shelving unit in the back.  The other side is stuff I haven't gone through for awhile but I hope I can scale it back to half of what it is now.  I will be able to take my rummage back to my hometown in a week to store at my sister's house for a rummage sale.  She enjoys having them there and our sales do so much better.

My spring cleaning goals will be:
1. dust, especially ceiling fans
2. clean dust from around fridge
3. clean lint from dryer
4. clean door knobs, vents, switch plates and walls
5. clean drapes and blinds
6. clean the dining room chairs thoroughly

Rereading this post, I can see these are big goals so I am going to have to stay focused.  I hope to go out of town on Wednesday or Thursday of next week so this gives me roughly 4-5 days of some serious labor.  I think the project goals will be easier to get done than the spring cleaning goals.  I hope I can convince my kids how much fun dusting and vacuuming is so they can help out.  I'll keep you posted ( but not too posted as I try to procrastinate). :o)

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  1. Nice way to lay out the plan. I wish you good luck. My kids have spring break next week and I plan to get some stuff done this week but really get down to the deep cleaning - especially of their areas and belongings - next week.