Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Too Busy or Too Lazy?

I didn't get a meal plan together this week.  Last weekend was my son's birthday party and we had family in town.  On top of that I had a take home test in Bio, and homework and a test today in Chem to study for.  So far this week I got Little Caesars Pizza on their Monday special of $3.99 each, today I think they can survive on hot dogs and baked beans, and we will have spaghetti on Wednesday.  I haven't quite thought further ahead than that, but spring break starts this weekend for my kids.  We will be going out of town half the time so I will need to plan around that obstacle as well.  I also need to budget for when my husband has his job transition.  We aren't sure how much he will get paid for the first two weeks so money could be tight.  I will have to attach a rubber band to my wrist to snap every time I think about spending money.  Stay tuned for more updates.

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