Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring Fling Budget Control

So on spring break I decided to go travel to my parents house since I don't get back to town as often as I like.  I figured I should lay out a budget for myself since I don't want to get into debt for no good reason.  I have a bad habit of a unconscious competition with my sisters when we go to the stores.  I want to buy things I really don't need, we are all picking up things that look nice, and we have a good experience taking our time shopping.  My sister's are in the medical profession (not doctors, but still good paying jobs).  I on the other hand am currently a part time retail worker whose pay isn't quite as rewarding.  Don't get me wrong, I do like my job, and my hours, but doesn't quite support a shopaholic habit.  My husband likes to tell me that most people really can't afford the fancy car their driving, or the designer clothes they are wearing, and they are probably are in debt trying to keep up with this image.  I can believe this to a point, but I would also like to believe that their is a way to balance life.  So today through Sunday when I return home I am going to spend $40 between any shopping, supplies, and food.  I am not going to include gas, which I am splitting with my sister, who took the trip with me.

So far today:
Dairy Queen: $10.03 for 2 small shakes and a iced latte
Redbox: $1.07
$28.90 left to spend.  This is going to be hard work.

The nice thing about staying with family is that there is a kitchen for meals so I don't have to eat out, and my parents house has plenty of food and snacks to munch on.

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